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How would you transport a Burgmaster 1D drilling machine?

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  • How would you transport a Burgmaster 1D drilling machine?

    I'm buying a Burgmaster 1D turret drilling machine tomorrow.

    My plan is to remove the drill portion of the machine from the stand, and transport both pieces in the back of a Chevrolet van.

    Any tips on doing that? Can the machine be easily broken down (and later reassembled!) into more pieces than that?

    What tools do I need to remove the drilling assembly from the stand? Do I just need an allen wrench, or are other tools required?

    When separated from the stand, is the drilling assembly top-heavy, or will it be stable sitting on its base, possibly with some strapping to the inner sides of the van "just in case"?

    Or, would it be better to lay it down (on its back? side? front?) inside the van?

    Are there any "lift points" that are specifically designed to support it?

    Any other precautions to take when moving it?

    The 1D weighs around 700 pounds, doesn't it?

    I posted a similar question on the yahoo group, but I expect that by the time most members get to see it, I will already be trying to move it.

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    Admittedly I am not familiar with this machine. I did look it up though and saw a you tube video of one running.

    I think the dis assembly of that head would be somewhat complicated. The base looks nice and stable, so I think I would be inclined to transport it in one piece. If it won't fit in your van standing up, I would rent a trailer and tie it down good and tarp it. Then be careful going home.

    Good luck,



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      Is this it?


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        Originally posted by oldtiffie View Post
        It looks something like this, although the stand is different:

        The stand looks more like the one here:
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          Here are a couple of photos of the actual machine.

          A quick check with a tape measure showed that it would not fit in the back of the van even if the drilling assembly were removed from the stand, so I will have to make alternate arrangements to have it transported to my garage.


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            I have a smaller model and they are indeed bigger than they look!
            (This is not me by the way , Just for illustration)
            I did however manage with a Volvo Estate.
            You could try a larger Van.

            Coolant runs back into a tank in the stand behind the drawer so can be messy.
            If you disconnect wires , then mark them clearly !
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              if it isn't a minivan then lay it on its side and slide it in the van. Careful on the bumps.


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                The machine has been moved to my garage (well, at the moment it's outside of my garage, but will be moved inside the garage "real soon now").

                There was a minor mishap along the way. Well, actually it was a major mishap as the machine came crashing down to the ground as I jumped clear. Some banged-up parts (of the machine), but no banged-up parts of any humans. Not yet sure how badly damaged it might be - visible damage is not extensive, but then who knows what surprises may be awaiting me when I try to bring it back to life.

                Complete photos of the move are here: