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  • 'chrome' plating

    I've just watched a few videos showing a spray-on 'chrome' process- door panels, body panels, etc. The best I can say is that the reflective coating sort of magically appears during the process. Details are vague, but there are references to silver nitrate solution (being sprayed on in prodigious amounts) then a salt water spray- a few alternations of each and you see the reflective surface appear. Creations-n-Chrome came up a few times. Anybody seen this done, or done it? Know any more details?
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    Try finding Alsa Corp. I have a friend that uses their spray on chrome. Looks amazing, amazing price too!
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      Just watched the video & it looks impressive.
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        but, if it works and will last, the prices are not that bad. some of the things had plated for my old cars has nearly broke the bank, as it were. . . . .


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          Ive seen this stuff in person, in the natural sunlight, it looks like poorly polished aluminum. The movies that are posted above. Most of the product is seen in the shade.
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