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  • Makita 2030 Repair Help

    I have a friend who wants me to repair his Makita Model 2030 combination jointer planer. I've successfully machined one aluminum replacement part but need help with the feed rollers. The original feed rollers have a hard paraffin coating on them. It is sticky and grips the wood. Replacement Makita rollers are $1000 per set which is prohibitively expensive.

    Is anyone familiar with a replacement material or technique?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays’

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    $201.50ea,not bad really.

    If that won't work try these folks,you send them your old rollers and they recover them.It will probably cost more than the replacements though.

    If you end up going the recovering route talk it over with their engineer and see what they recommend.The rubber feed rollers I used to send out that were used for woodworking applications we had done in a SBR black rubber with a Shore 70 A scale hardness.This is similar to car tire rubber which offers good traction and is very durable.
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