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  • Unknown lathe


    Anyone know the make / model of this lathe? He's asking $150
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    Missing link maybe?
    Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...


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      What ever it is.. $150 seems like a sweet deal.


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        I had one like that - 2 raised Vees, one for headstock/tailstock, one for carriage. 9" x about 22". The nut on the flat belt pulley is for the backgear - release it, then swing the back gears into place (looks same as mine did)

        Mine was made by the Sebastian Lathe Company, which was sold to another company in 1897. Mine was originally treadle powered, but that was long gone. (it had the original makers plate on it)

        To tell you the truth - I sold it ($300.00, IIRC, but in usable shape) and purchased a used Emco Compact 8, and have never looked back. My hobby is making live steam locomotives, *NOT* machine tool repair, so take this as you wish.

        Old lathes/machines are neat, though, just picked up a Drummond hand shaper, 1929 vintage, so maybe my desires are not as pure as I'd wish! ;-)

        Another JohnS.


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          No help here, but $150 is a pretty good deal for anything as long as it's consistent under the rust.

          At least here in Florida, where used lathes are rare and the owners adjust backlash by tightening them and letting them rust until they move again.
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            It could be a Seneca Falls. I have one that belonged to my grandfather that looks very similar. It appears that the carriage rides on two V ways, the tailstock uses one v and one flat way. Mine has a 12 tpi leadscrew and a 1 1/2 x 12 spindle mount. The cross feed is 4 tpi - a bit fast for me. Mine was pedal powered originally, with a flywheel under the headstock driving a flat belt.

            Looks like a fun project.

            Whit Nash


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              I dont know either, but, its not a franken-lathe and appears to have all the major components (change gears would be wonderful) and on a nice stand --- I think that all adds up to being well worth $150!!
              If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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                It's only worth $150 if it works. I guess you could use it as garden art


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                  Why would it matter what brand of lathe it is . The company is long out of business so no parts .You make what you need any way.
                  Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self


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                    For a $150.00 buy it anyway, keep it from going to the scrappers and being crushed up.

                    Looks salvagable.


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                      Was gone in a few hours after the ad was posted. I asked the owner but he knew nothing about it.