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Quill DRO mounting for bridgeport

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  • Quill DRO mounting for bridgeport

    I'm sure this has been covered many times over the years, but following on from my request to know how thick the head casting is on a Bridgeport i thought i'd share my progress.

    i know theres loads of ways to do this and depends on the DRO you have and what other materials you have to hand, anyway this is how i've done mine.

    i didn't want to loose the original measurement scale on the left of the quill stop, and i also didn't want to make access to the micrometer nut difficult.

    first thing i did was to Drill and tap the the serial number pad, i positioned the holes so the number was still legable, i bottled out at a depth of 5mm for the holes - not wanting to break through the casting.

    by the way, you can just see a sheet metal bracket i first thought of using, but I had second thoughts; mainly as is looked a bit clumsy, but was probably strong enough, however my ideas evolved; the final result is more robust and looks neater.

    i made an expanding bush to fit the quill stop, this is a simple piece of aluminium, turned slightly oversize (about 2 thousands) to suit the hole in the quill stop, i tapped the inside of the aluminium with a taper (1st) tap until i had two complete threads at the outside and left a tapering thread through the bush, to almost no thread on the back side.
    I then cut nearly all the way through it with a hacksaw, once installed a grub screw is tightened to expand the bush, this also leaves a convenient stud to attach the DRO. note slot is horizontal so the expansion makes it tight in the Z direction

    i then machined a small aluminium block to mount the DRO lots of trial fits came up with this selection of parts.

    bracket on the back of the DRO is sheet metal, which provides a bit of flexibility, but not in the Z direction.

    more pictures to come so continued in next post....

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    Despite the sheet metal on the back of the DRO having some flexibility, before i tightened things down i aligned the bar of the DRO to the quill movement to make sure i wasn't stressing the DRO.

    the final result, which i'm very happy with

    hopefully this will help others thinking of making a similar addition