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  • Question Re: Starrett Catalogs:

    I have an old Starrett Catalog marked #22, But cannot find a date in it anywhere.

    Does anyone know if the #22 refers to that year?

    (about 6x8 350 pages.) Thanks.

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    According to ebay it is"1900~STARRETT TOOLS Catalog No. 22 w/SUPPLEMENT~Fair and O So Rare!". only 9 bucks and with a supplment, ending in 3 days.


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      Thanks, i just checked that ebay catalog, it states 256 pages,, mine is the exact same catalog but has 350 pages, so i presume a bunch of his pages are missing. (Hence the low "Buy it now" price.)

      Also his or he states it is 1900, ??? mine has the year 1914 written on it in pencil by someone.


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        It would appear that catalog #22 was first printed in 1919. Starrett catalogs were published on a rather random basis, with numbered issues being in print for various numbers of years depending on the whims of the company. Number 26 is one of the most common of the older ones, as it was apparently published from 1938 to 1953.

        This discussion on PM is probably as accurate a recounting of the dates as any. I do trust rivett608 to present accurate information.
        Jim H.


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          Thanks much Jim, just checked and there is a great deal of information on there. Much appreciated.


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            Thanks for the PM link...mine is #25 and supplement, copyright 1935 w reference on page two to prices that have changes since # 25 and the revised 1934 price list. 356 pages not counting reference tables and index.
            There are 32 supplemental pages "added to Our line but not shown in # 25" inserted between page # 192 and # 193, bordered with red


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              I have a No. 27, dated 1957
              Southwest Utah