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Turkey trot---

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  • Turkey trot---

    Look who I had on my deck when I got up this morning. I think they wanted to come in and share breakfast. I wanted to lassoo one and tie it up until Christmas. They are our local wild turkeys. Darn, they are big birds!!!

    Brian Rupnow

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    Great pics!! Your'e lucky morning to be greeted by that gang!!

    They are multiplying up here also, i see them on the backroads at times, a number of people have them comming to their house and eating on their decks as they are feeding them. Nice birds!!


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      My mother used to raise turkeys. They followed her around like lost puppies. When company was around, the birds would gather around and get in to the conversation. It could get funny to see them interact with people.
      Mom would apologize to the bird while dressing one out for cooking. I guess they were more to her than just a meal.
      I haven't seen any wild ones around here, but thought I heard a call from one last year. Not the gobble but one of their other calls. I do see them over by the Missisippi and further down state time to time.

      Mentally confused and prone to wandering!