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  • Type plastic to use?

    I need to make a new stop button for table saw switch. The plastic button there now is broke where a screw holds a metal plate to it. I have next to no experiance with plastic! Which type would work best? Acetal or polycarbonate? Those are the only 2 types Enco lists. If there is somewhere else I could look I would appriciate the heads up.

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    The switch likely is polypropylene or ABS.
    Someone else chime in if they know different but I bet the plastic selection likely
    doesn't matter much (as long as you don't use electrically conductive plastic!).

    Between Acetal and polycarb I'd probably go with the acetal. Be a little softer
    (can you make the switch physically bigger than it used to be?).. but the polycarb
    could be brittle (especially if it gets cold).. leaving you in the same situation you're
    in now.


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      I appreciate the want to make something as much as anybody, but ebay is full of cheap E-stop buttons. I just ordered a few this week for projects. There's some good all metal ones on there too.


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        Go with the ABS, Polycarbonate is very brittle and is susceptible to cracking when exposed to can also glue ABS with Acetone to make a larger block if you need to. Bob.


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          That acetal is great stuff, tough, durable, machines beautifully and is relativly inexpensive. You will not regret the choice.


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            Another vote for Acetal,infact i'll go so far as to say every HSM should have some on hand just for such ocassions.I keep a variety of rods in Acetal and UHMW from 3/4" to 2-1/2".It has hundreds of uses.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Thanks for the info! Can not alter button dimensions due to spring that is wrapped around it. Will order som acetal. Good idea regarding keeping a selection on hand!