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    What am I doing wrong? When I go to my Photo buck account to post a picture in a thread . I used to be able to put the little arrow on the picture and a window would open and I could click on something and it would copy and I could past into a thread I was posting ,and the picture would show up. Now I have to go to a column on the side and copy something but it only puts a link to click on for some one to see the picture . Any one have a suggestion about what to click on to get a picture . Help please.
    I may have just figured it out . You have to sign to your account to use some of the image codes Thanks any way. if I can remember all of that now.
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    Still working as normal for me.

    If you haven't already, clear your browser cache and restart your browser... that often fixes little glitches like that.


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      They changed their format. The new screen layout sucks.
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        What Rich said. they think they are instagram or something


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          It has taken me a while to figure out the new format, here is what works for me:

          Presuming you have sucessfully uploaded an image to Photobucket.

          "Hover" the cursor (arrow) over the image you want and an "8-tooth sprocket" appears in the top RH corner.

          Hover over the "sprocket" and a list will appear.

          Click on "Get Media links" and the three usual "Link" options will appear i.e. Direct Link, IMG Code and Image Thumbnail Code.
          (or click on the "Link" tab if this page doesn't automatically appear),

          Click on the one you want and it will copy automatically.

          Click on 'X' (top RH corner) to close.

          BTW: In small text in upper RH of screen: Switch Back to the Original Photobucket, so there is always that option.

          However, the new format seems ok once you figure it out, it gives you alot more options for what you want to do....none of which interest me at present....

          What I can't figure out - how to edit the image title. I used to be able to do this easily and quickly on the thumbnail, not now. I am sure there is a quick way....

          Edit: Figured it out - Click on "Organise" and then you can click on the image title (without it opening the image) and make changes.
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