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high pressure washer repair

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  • high pressure washer repair

    I bought a cheap very expensive pressure washer brand new at an auction It blew up after a day.It is a petrol washer and the pump sheared 6 bolts on the head. I cant for the life of me find spares . I made 3 stainless pistons or plungers and got the seals made up. For the life of me why would a manufacturer make a seal 24.7 mm od and 18 mm id. Whats wrong with 25 mm so you can get it off the counter.The other seals are more like a plastic. Can anyone take a guess as to what plastic it is as I need to try and make these myself.
    This pump worked for a day quite well and then lost pressure. On taking it apart I noticed the stainless pistons had become badly scored.I suspect the original brass washers holding the plastic type seals have scored the pistons as they were damaged when the pump blew up. I just polished them up .The plastic type seals have a complex shape. I cant take photos but one face is convex and the other face is concave.They are held by two brass washers. One is convex and the other is concave
    The original pistons were ceramic. I can buy ceramic pistons but they are too long. How could I cut these .I tried a grinder with a diamond blade but it was not vey sucsessfull as the face chippedf quite badly. These cost $120 so you can see that I cant afford to many mistakes Please help with suggestions