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The wedding ring and the drill from the pawn shop.

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    I got them jewwed down to $20.. Jewwed down?
    Wow, I've been lurking around reading some good info, and some bantering, but I was supprised to see that term used here. What's next? Ni**er rigging? I have both Jewish and black freinds. I'm a little ashamed at the use of such a term.



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      Right you are, Woody! We can do better than this.


      Frank Ford


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        YEAH!!!!! and we been poking fun at the blind too. And Women. Bull!

        JEEZE (now I offended another PC person) the term was used as a verb.

        I number blacks and jews among those I visit, dine, discuss, and enjoy in general. The jewish use "jew down" and keep going. THe blacks use "Nigger" not "Ni**er" when speaking disdainfully for certain persons- those person may have dark or light skin- and maybe even blue eyes. You PC types need to get out and mix with the real minorities. Of course, my friends are mostly older and ALL (who use those terms) are in the professional, well paid,well educated group.
        Rant off- no offense intended to any one not would I willing embarrass any one by accident . Can you PC types say the same? (My key word is "accident")

        Ps: Next we will have to avoid PC?

        Edit comment: I would guess the usage was not intended to be offensive. I am sure I noticed the usage and cringed a little, but I expected no comment since we are mostly a group of gentlemen who avoid calling attention to others Faux pas. Those last comments offended me much more than the first.

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          Nicely said docsteve66. I'm of Norwegian descent and my friends call me a "square head" all the time. I think it's pretty amusing.


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            Being half Danish there is also "herring choker".
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              Well, it next morning and I guess I let my mouth run away again. Thanks for showing restraint- but I am reminded of friend who went to church after eating Texas Chile.

              Let loose a silent fart, all smelled it and said nothing- it was a rare occurrence in that church. But two pre teen boys wrinkled their noses, loudly said one- smells like some one farted in here- other kids grins and says "Smells like old sam SHEEEET in here".
              Sam, of course could say nothing just hoped the sermon would go on or that he would sink into the ground.

              Mama grabbed the boys by the ears, hauled them to the wood shed and washed their mouths with soap. Little boys like to show they understand the bad words that are used by men and can top the men.

              Least any one fail to understand us: We are not talking rings and money or pawnshops this time. WE are Bragging about our wives, and We understand IBEW (nor most of us) can not say "boys, I have found someone I wish to spend the rest of my days with, grow old with, some one i hope I will one day longer than she so she never knows the sorrow of parting".


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                Well, I asked my freind if he would be offended if he had read this. He said that he's heard it before, and that he doesn't like the term, butt.. "people are people"
                I still think we can ALL be better than the terms we sometimes use, or were brought up on, thats all. I'm sure I have used a term that's been offensive to others too. I'll try to do better my self.


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                  No offence meant. You should hear some of the other words I use. None meant then either.

                  You can not be afraid of what you say, only explain the misunderstandings. This is one.

                  People say things that can be misconstrued all the time. The english language has so many descriptives that can mean alternative meanings. My old german boss used to curse in English cause it has so much more colorful words then german.

                  I am a mutt. I am part cherokee indian, part german and part Irish. I don't knock other people, thou I used to hate everyone not like me, there are not many like me. I ain't got the time or the energy to hate anyone.

                  Websters definition: of Jewed
                  1. To bargain shrewdly or unfairly with. Often used with down.
                  2. To haggle so as to reduce (a price). Often used with down.

                  Here's one that made a commentator retire:
                  '************* quote from websters **********

                  \Nig"gard*ly\, a. Meanly covetous or avarcious in dealing with others; stingy; niggard.

                  Where the owner of the house will be bountiful, it is not for the steward to be niggardly. --Bp. Hall.

                  '********************************** end quote
                  Ohh my, it just sounds bad... Thou you can not be too careful of what you say, anything you say can be misunderstood.


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                    I worked with a black man who was offended by the term"African American"he told his pastor"you can call me ni==er,colored,blue gum or mother f----,but not African American" then he proceeded to explain to him that to put his country of ancestory before his home was disrespectful of the nation that gave him so much.I learned a lot from him about right and wrong,he knew more than most whites I knew growing up.

                    PC people are the most offensive to me,they like to catagorize everyone so they can feel superior,sounds kinda like nazi's to me.Our strength comes from our unity,beware of those who divide.

                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by x39:
                      Nicely said docsteve66. I'm of Norwegian descent and my friends call me a "square head" all the time. I think it's pretty amusing.</font>
                      I'm 1/4 Swede, and my mother (Irish) always reminded me of a little saying "ten thousand Swedes ran through the weeds pursued by one Norwegian".

                      I finally learned more and mentioned that I'm probably more than 1/4 Swede due to what the Vikings did when they got to Ireland......

                      I don't mind the Swede jokes either, but Garrison Keiler's Minnesots stuff, well it don't sound like the old country as I remember it.
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                        I'm not PC at all, don't have any time for these idiots.
                        There's a town near here called Mansfield. If you ask for Personfield no one knows what you are talking about.
                        Same with Manchester, any mail sent to Personchester don't get there.
                        You do need to be tolerant though and then all people can get on.
                        Here's a good example. At the last place I worked the foreman brought this new coloured guy into the mess room to meet his co-workers.
                        One at a time he introduce them. This guy here's Michael from Ireland, we call hin Mick, this guy here is MacTavish from Scotland we call him Mack.
                        This guy is Patrick, also from Irland known as Paddy and the last guy is from Liverpool and we call him Wack.
                        Any questions?
                        The new guy then asked if it was possible to have an advance on his weekly money.
                        Forman turned to the guys he had to work with and said.
                        "Mick, Mack, Paddy, Wack give the wog a loan"

                        John S.

                        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                          Well, I'm not sure having good manners counts as "PC" these days, but I guess you can learn many new things here. Along with machining tips. I'm sure I'll catch grief for this!



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                            Woody: way I see it, man can be PC or have good manners. Could do both but few do. Personally, I agree with many things that are PC. But to force my opinion on another person is repugnant.

                            We have laws and we have manners. Laws supposedly insure an orderly , protected society. But every law reduces freedom for some one. A balance between laws and freedom is hard to find. Neither a lawless nor overly regulated society is worth living in.

                            The comes the PC bunch like a vigilante committee, enforcing their ideas of good manner in the MOST MANNERLESS way. The PC bunch seems to assume that if they THINK a third party would be offended, they have a right to so inform the first party and thus "label" the third party as a bloc. Stay with us a while, there are several opinions that conform to the PC tactics- though the basic ideas differ considerably. Get to know us before you impose your philosophy.

                            I don't think you will have moments grief here- for one thing you picked on a real gentleman. He claims to lack polish but he exhibits grace. I try to emulate him and few others.
                            Peace bud,
                            PS: I tend to forget that it is the things I KNOW that ain't so that brings me grief in unexpected ways.


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                              Speaking of braile, did you hosers know that the lovely Canadian folding money that Ameriacan are so quick to insult because it is not an ugly green hue like SOME peoples green backs (we won't mention names here) - it just so happens that Canadian bills are encoded with braile for the blind - so there!

                              The only damn thing they had the decency to do for Canadians that did not cost us extra - and we did not even have to bitch and whine to get it done - amazing!


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                                I think we all live by our conciences. When society lives by thier own Lawless and selfish Rules is when real injustice happens. People without morals are a real problem in our world.

                                Good pay does not make a good employee for sure. I am working on a goverment job, it is getting close to the end. Tools are dissapearing right and left, it is not enough to be paid a benifit package that is worth over $28 a hour. People see it fit to steal everything they can. I feel repulsed by it.
                                Everything in my shop, home I worked for.

                                Nobody has been attacked or spoke against including you. I used a word that you feel offensive. No problem, a misunderstanding. You spoke up for what you believe in denoting good moral outlook and a strong stature in beliefs. If I offend you or anyone else, feel free to email me.

                                Stop by here in North Georgia if you ever pass through and we'll share a beer and perhaps some barbeque.. I can show you a old brigeport I am really proud of.

                                Doc, it is nice to be among friends, NOW I have to go to work thou.