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The wedding ring and the drill from the pawn shop.

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    Doc, I can see that there is no "winning" here if you will. I was not "attacking". I don't think Ibew took it that way. I'm not being "PC" or imposing my beliefs. But you are the Elder Statesman here, so I guess you win.


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      There was a guest speaker in our "Philosophy and Logic" class when I was in college. Before his started his lecture, he gave us a little background on himself, including that he was of staunch Jewish descent.

      He said "there's something to the stigma that looms ominously over our (the Jewish) heads. It probably goes back hundreds of years to the case in the Old Testament where Joseph's brothers- rather than killing him as they had originally planned- decided to make a few bucks selling him instead. But I can say for sure that it has something to do with our upbringing. My mother told me from from my earliest memories 'Bernie, don't pay full price for anything! That's why God made the Gentiles'"

      Maybe there's a little Jew in me too, eh? Is that PC to say Jew? Should I have said Jewishness? Israelite? Maybe Sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

      BTW: Who decides what's PC anyway?



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        I just call a spade a shovel myself, and I am cheap bastard. Got nothing to do with being Jewish of having your bris whacked off and made into skin for burn victims.

        I am a Human, Being - even then I have many times in my life wanted nothing to do with the rest of you bastards (no offense) and would have cared less if the whole frigging planet was fried to a cinder with H-bombs. I may have been a little bitter. But now that I have been dead six times and know how things really work - I forgive you all for pissing me off back then. I am better now. You are welcome. Please, no need to thank me.


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          Who decides what's PC? ...Maude. Maude does. Remember Maude?
          Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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            Does that stand for

            1. Personal Computer?
            2. Politically Correct?
            3. Public Commode?

            You decide.


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              Maybe "Piled Correctly".
              Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                Pusillanimous Catagelophobe
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                  Evan, sometimes I think you were vaccinated with with dictionary virus. Seldom do I get sent to a dictionary totally unable to figure out a words meaning. My 20 pound dictionary failed to list even the root, so to save others time:

                  "Catagelophobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. While adults with catagelophobia realize that these fears are irrational, they often find that facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety." a cut and past from GOOGLE (google had no returns for "Catagelophobe").

                  Woody: I am no "Statesman" and if you feel beaten or unhappy I sure am no winner. Instead, I lose.

                  In defense of my sensitivity, I was raised a migrant worker (during the big depression). We migrant kids descended on poor towns for a few weeks. School teachers were not being paid except in "warrants" in some towns. We were not welcome. California was bad to us okies (I was not from oklahoma), Arizona sent me to school with colored (now Afro-Americans), but New mexico and colorado were worst.
                  In Roswell, New Mexico, we rode bus with the ranchers kids to city high school, then back to country school with Spanish (call them Mexican and you had a fight, they had no idea they were hispanic). No books (and we would be there less than a month anyway). Teacher put us at the rear of class. My only complaint (even today) is that teacher there would not call us by name. In Alamosa, Colorado, much the same took place excepting the class (mostly Spanish) spoke spanish, but the books were in English. Hard to learn under those conditions- but what the H only gonna be there a few weeks. No one wanted to hurt us, money was tight every where. We were an unfunded expense to the school system. We were expected to come but no one funded for us. We were an unintentional burden to the system.

                  Any way, I probably attend about 50 schools (over thirty for sure) in 12 years. Finished high school, did military time, got a little college and worked in Mississippi. I have minor scars and left some big ones over equal rights for Negroes (the colored were Negro by then or at least there. Old Chinaman (chinese now) taught me how they (chinese) integrated the hospital in Greenville, his race had gone to school with Afro-Americans until about 1950. In 1953, his son was a nominee for high school all american, his daughter was president of senior class- and they needed no fighting or force to go to white schools- they were just invited (not all chinese were invited though). Charlie educated me and then I met Mr Stein.

                  In Greenville, there was a clothing store run by Jay Stein- clothes in the front war surplus in the rear. He was old then (I think the Stein Mart chain started with his son (also Jay) who I never met. Mr Stein told me stories and advised/guided me. He and Charlie Chu were fatherly toward me. He was the man who pointed out to me that "Jew Down" was not racial. We discussed history and customs frankly- he warned/knew sooner or later I would wind up in prison or worse unless I cooled down. I finally realized that my campaign was me feeling physically superior to the rednecks (no offense meant) and Hicks (BTW my grandfather was a Hicks- how does a Hicks feel about the term "YOU HICKS"?) and morally superior to the middle class- had nothing to do with "improving" the lot of others (Chinese or Black or my self). So I kind of settled down and discussed issues logically (as best I could). That ALL I was doing with you and you have acted the part of a gentleman (my opinion).

                  I would point out- had you been close enough to your Jewish friend to discuss these things you would have known what his answer would have been. Mr Stein (and Roy Little (my "Nigger rigger"(his words, not mine), Who was first black foreman ever promoted at Naval Aviation Depot Jacksonville Fla) both used identical phrasing (and the phrase is similar to the one your friend used) "people are just people"- that "Just" changes your "people are people" quote a lot.

                  Hows about you have the last word and we drop the subject for a while?. I feel I have showed my ass and offended several by my posts.

                  BTW- there are probably more who feel you were correct in objecting to the JEW DOWN than have spoken up. I am surprised to not have been verbally assaulted.



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                    Pusillanimous Catagelophobe :


                    Meaning, a cowardly person who is afraid of being ridiculed. I think this in part describes the many PC types out and about. I don't give squat what anyone calls me, I know who I am. As you may have noticed I will not be drawn into an argument using personal invective.

                    BTW, if you look at my profile, you will see that language is one of my interests.
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                      Please. every one skip this one except Evan- I am just rambling on again.

                      Evan: Good post, Good phrase.
                      I got your meaning after I found "catagephobia" meaning . I just figured the "Pusillanimous" was such a common word- been in common usage since since old bill snakespear did his thing that it needed no comment.

                      I'd use the phrase myself but my vocabulary is "passive" in the sense that I lack confidence pronouncing two syllable words.

                      My education is mostly self made- and you can tell a self made man by the poor construction and many gaping holes.

                      I think you definition of PC is wrong- the victim accepts the abuse of the PC types (what ever that means) because they fear ridicule. THe PC types fear rational ideas and physical violence.

                      You and I smoke pipes, lately I have had comments made to me about the dangers to myself and to others. I respond slightly more aggressively than the PC commenter. They usually back off quickly and leave me alone (but,teen age girls get dirty quickly. THey are confident creatures). Used to be an occasional woman would chase me down and tell me how good the pipe smelled. Been a while since that occurred- has the pipe gone sour? what has happened? Can they really fear my smoke? or do they (my choice) want to show their power. (whisper- your turn to expound )

                      I really have no definition/idea what PC is. I see examples and think I have it. Seems to me as though the concept is very fuzzy- no real rules nor objectives. Truly, I am reminded of Don Quixote and Sancho (as a team). Don finds evil every where and goes into battle, smiting pig and wind mills with gusto. One of the funniest lines in all my reading is where Don attacks the windmills and Sancho tells him, " Bossman, this is going to be worse than those pigs.".

                      Seems to me that so many disagreements boil down to PC saying, " Joe, you can't say that about them" and "them" says "lets get on with business- I heard it all before". And Joe and PC argue about who has more "them" as friends. ANd Joe (with PC ) is tilting at windmills. The sane man warns them (Joe and PC) that this all going to get worse and is only in their minds. Words ain't gonna pay for babies shoes.

                      I was, to my shame, doing the PC, trying to change "bigots" (which a another fuzzy term) thing long before Bobby Kennedy became a celebrity. Then I got smarter (or at least more effective). Now I try to remember I came to drain a swamp, don't bother fighting alligators, Just climb me tree, smoke my pipe and watch the action. When the fussing stops, I climb back down and help other drain their section of the swamp- I got all I want years ago.


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                        How in the world did we get from pawn shops to this?????

                        I must have missed a turn in the road a few miles back.


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                          He hee, reminds me of the old game "Telephone". You whisper a phrase into a persons ear at a party. They whisper it to another. After the last person hears it they speak it. It usually bears no resemblance to the original. Often hilarious.
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                            Naw, IBEW,innocent child that he is got a good deal on drill. Next time , by all thats precious, he gonna pay full price or I head for North Georgia.
                            Nuff said\

                            PS All the rest seemed like a good idea at the time. Just step by step wandering in a swamp full of alligators.
                            Reminds me of time I was digging post holes with an auger (no reverse). Got stuck, could not back the auger out, too damn much effort to restart the engine so I tried to get it out with engine idling. When I gave up, some how the engine was buried deep, auger out of sight and I was shoveling trying to get to pin so I could unhook engine from the auger. Worse than the tar baby.
                            Every neighbor looked, waved and asked later. But at the time every step seemed prudent, even needed.


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                              You ever see a child with a $120 a week grocery bill... HA... I just finished a pan of homemade buttermilk biscuits.

                              I run into bargains, usually when I am broke.
                              Normal stuff. The local harley that went on ebay for 1400.. I tried to purchase it after the auction from the buyer. It was spelled incorrectly in the ad. It was listed Harly.

                              Retain your sales reciept from a pawn shop. I while working for DIS (equipment fabricators) In North Carolina I did purchase quite a few drills in a pawn shop there in North Carolina. While offloading the Milwaukee drills into my personal vehicle the Pipefitter foreman did stop me and accuse me of stealing the drills. Him and I went to the owner, The Forman did accuse me again and I was considering breaking his nose.
                              When I produced the pawn ticket we did figure out that the fitters had drank all thier money up and were pawning company tools (30 days before) to buy groceries.
                              They did reluctantly pay me my investment or I would have kept all the drills. I did not make any money for my investment and I was unhappy about that. I ate bologna in my hotel room to pay for the drills with my Peduim expense money.

                              I can see thier side of the story too. Nobody was fired because the of the theft of tools. Nobody apologized to me either and do still hold a grudge till this day. Not all the drills had THE "company mark" on them. (paint) The Fitters view? I am the SOB that got them in trouble.

                              I got tools I bought when I was 18. I have pawned guns after losing card games, never my tools.


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                                you tell 'em brother! Amen to that!