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Central Tool and Yuasa measuring instruments: ok stuff?

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    I don't know who might be making them, but Scherr-Tumico did make a lot of mics and such for Sears and others. They are good quality tools. Other brands that might still be around are GEM and PEC, they both made second tier measuring instruments in the US.

    With any of these lower priced tools, I prefer to see them in the flesh and handle them to get an idea of how they feel, what materials of construction are and so forth.
    Jim H.


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      Originally posted by PeteM View Post
      . . . I believe MSC has since bought the brand, named it Accupro, and badged lower quality Chinese instruments under it.
      I got this partly wrong, and wanted to clear up the facts. MSC does own the "Accupro" brand and around a decade ago (e.g. the 2002/2003 catalog) were selling an extensive line of "Accupro Gold" measuring tools that were clearly made by Scherr Tumico. However, it looks like this was only a marketing agreement. In any case, some old "Accupro Gold" tools may be Scherr-Tumico, but other stuff under this brand name has come from China (such as gage blocks).