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  • Festive season projects

    Not one of your major machining projects, but another of those little things that allow you an inward chuckle, or an outward boast, if you wish, that says, "How do people who can't do this kind of thing survive the frustrations of life ?"

    For the last few years I would mount my Christmas tree by drilling a 3/4" hole in the bottom of the trunk, inserting a length of rod, and setting said rod in some kind of wooden base. Solid, low, easy. I suppose most people wedge bits of wood into buckets and still watch the tree fall over on top of granny and the kids !

    Anyway, although I am now of pensionable age, I have just realised/been told that to stop the needles falling from your tree you need to give it some water to drink.

    So this time, I welded up a small pool/cup around the rod, so the base of the trunk sits in its own little water trough. We'll see if it leaks/works/goes mouldy in due time.

    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.

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    Side note: After countless years of crawling on my belly like a reptile to water the tree, and usually end up watering more carpet than tree, I found that an empty wine bottle works well for the job. It holds a good amount of water, and the length of the bottle makes it easy to reach.
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