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basic head-type blank punches - What can I do with them?

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  • basic head-type blank punches - What can I do with them?

    They were in a cabinet I purchased from an auction several years ago, must have several hundred of them in all sizes and shapes. I wondered what I could do with them in my little shop as they are very pricey ($35us MSC) and I didn't feel like scrapping the metal (shiney!)

    What's the spring loaded nib at the bottom? Are they used for punching holes? Could I use them in a 2 ton arbor press?


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    Those are for a punch press die. There is a vent hole in the side and a spring loaded nib in the bottom. This is to make sure that the part punched out of the hole does not stick to the punch either by vacuum or oil film and is ejected off the punch before it retracts. If the slug sticks to the punch, then the die cycles again, it can break the punch and crash the die causing all sorts of damage and downtime. One maker calls these "Jektole" punches because of the ejector and holes.
    You can use them in any press as long as the press has enough force to get the punch through the material you want to use. They work the same as a solid punch with an added benefit.
    If you want to get rid of them, please sell them to someone who can use them rather than scrap. You might do well with those on Ebay sold as small groups or a large lot.
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      100 times 35 is 3500, and you said hundreds not one hundred.........

      If you sell them at half price, the number of tools you could buy for the money would definitively get you a YOU SUCK.