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  • Christmas present moans

    Bit of background.

    Gert runs 3 Ebay shops, one of them sells smellies, candles and other rubbish and like all ebay goods photo's are needed.
    She uses a mid range digital point and shoot camera but one gripe she has with this is when it's on the tripod you can't open the battery compartment to get the card out without removing the camera.

    Once removed the batteries fall out when the flap is opened.

    So small son suggested buying a WiFi enabled camera. Fast forward to 6:55 Christmas eve and sees our intrepid Sir John in the local point and shoot emporium.

    All the affordable WiFi enabled <£200 still have the card in the battery slot but they are moving away from AA batteries onto Li-ion battery packs and have a catch to stop the battery falling out.

    Not impressed with the move to a dedicated battery, first Sony had this and expensive to replace battery but at least it can run off the mains via the charging lead. in Gerts case no problem as she's never away from a power point.

    Still can't get the card out when on a tripod but with WiFi, again no problem, so shelled out the pennies and with it gift wrapped in a carrier bag we are set for Christmas day.

    So this morning presented said gift, won 5 brownie points but lost 4 1/2 because of the gift wrapping.
    Came to set it up, as usual nothing simple, why do they make it that hard.

    I can get the Wifi to connect to Twitter, Facebook, upload to Samsung Sky [ or cloud ? ] but not to our WiFi storage system. It can even send to a Samsung phone, then you have to get it off the bloody phone ???????????

    Best I can do is email it. So enter the email address using a an on screen keypad and the arrow keys then connect to the WiFi and enter the secure pass word, bingo we can email the photos. Bit long winded but working.

    10 pics later and the battery is flat, one quick warning and it's switched off, bugger but it probably needs a good charge.
    Plug the charger in and WTF ? it can't work whilst charging, check the calendar and yes it is 2012 and not April 1st.

    OK leave it on charge and come back to it, come to email the other pics and it's forgot the email address and Wifi password and need to enter it all again.

    Just in case it was the power loss, emailed two, plugged the lead in for a couple of minutes then tried it again.


    Can't belive this, we are going backwards. This bastard thing is going back first thing tomorrow.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    Agree, all this electronics stuff is way over me, and i don't even WANT to know about!!

    Life is getting complicated enough,, keep it simple!!


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      Ah... the disappointment of Xmas is not just reserved for the little ones


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        The more they pay the bosses of the companies that make this stuff, the more remote they get from the people who use their products. The chief designers of these little things go home to their expensive systems that have probably been installed by guys moonlighting from their company. They have no idea about what end users want.

        They pretend to be scientific about users' requirements by running market research departments and focus groups, but these don't seem to get it right either. Those guys just sit around tables scoring points of each other. The more time rolls on, the more the user seems to have to fit themselves into a specific mould to use the standardised and lousy rubbish they sell.

        Meanwhile, I went out and bought myself a book for the family to give me for Christmas. I told them about it, or I thought I did. Lo and behold, on one of their shopping sprees they bought another copy and gave that one to me. Now we have to figure out someone we can give the first one to !
        Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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          That's what happens when you go shopping at 6:55 Christmas eve.
          WI/IL border, USA


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            Won't it upload to a ftp server?

            Is it made by Bridgeport?
            Precision takes time.


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              Originally posted by MichaelP View Post
              That's what happens when you go shopping at 6:55 Christmas eve.
              Right spent today doing homework on the web.
              All the Samsum camera's are the same, obviously use the same module.
              Can't find a mid priced Wi-Fi camera that takes AA batteries, can fit a tripod and remove the card without taking off the tripod and talks to a WiFi system as opposed to facebook and all the rest of the brain dead social media.

              Idea was take it back and get it changed even if i had to upgrade but seems I'm looking for something that nots made.

              My old Panasonic DMC LS75 has the card slot in the side, ideal when on a tripod but obsolete now.

              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                Quit being a cheapskate and just buy her a Nikon D600 with the wifi option, and a bunch of lenses. Ok, so it costs about the sames as 2 pos bridgys but if she's happy, you'll be happpier.

                Reminds me of my good friend/neighbor; he buys her a cheap (really cheap) but good looking string of fake pearls. He gets lucky for a day or two, then the clasp breaks so she take them to the local high end Jeweler and ... lol... when the dust settled, it cost him a string of REAL pearls... and a story that gets repeated every Xmas just so he "knows".

                Poor guy, he had no intention of pulling the wool over her eyes, but she was so happy, he just didn't want to break the spell.
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                  Why is it so urgent that the image must be transferred from the camera to where-ever or what-ever while the camera is on the tripod?

                  Why not remove the camera from the tripod and the card from the camera and use a standard USB card-reader to transfer the image to the computer or what-ever USB-enabled wottsit?

                  There should be a small USB cable that connects the camera directly to the computer - probably while the camera is on the tripod.


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                    Because she sets up the camera, pointed at the table where she puts the items to be photographed, and she wants to shoot a few and check everything's OK. She doesn't want to crop when the item isn't centred properly in the frame, and taking the camera of its support loses the set up.

                    I agree with lakeside. Just get a good WiFi enabled digital SLR. Or if not WiFi enabled, get one with a firewire or similar cable.

                    The problem here might be you can't see the camera as a remote disk. With some Nikons you have to go through their Nikon Capture software. I don't know about Canon, or the Fuji and Kodak Nikon copies.
                    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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                      Nikons' are just seen as a disk on usb. The D600 is a bit over the top for ebay pics, but there are many other choices.


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                        Most digital cameras have a USB port that pictures can be downloaded through. Might take the camera offline for a minute or 2 but don't require that you remove them from the tripod. I never remove the card from my camera and have transferred many photos and videos. Changing batteries might be a problem, but it wouldn't be all that dificult to make a remote battery holder. Use internal batteries when off the tripod, and the external barrey (or power supply) when on the tripod.


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                          If used camera is not out of question, a good Canon EOS SLR camera (20D, for example) with a decent lens can be bought for about $200. More will bring you 40D which has a very desirable ultrasonic sensor cleaner.

                          Those cameras have the card slot on the side, and the battery lasts forever. And, of course, one of those will be a "real camera", and not a point-and-shoot toy.

                          P.S. I never use USB ports that they also have: the transfer is too slow to my taste.
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                          WI/IL border, USA


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                            USB2.0 is pretty damn quick... quicker than most wifi.


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                              With the preface that I have never used one of these and so have no first-hand experience to offer:

                              Have you looked into the Eye-fi cards? These are SD memory cards the plug into your camera card slot, and supposedly do something like (I think) you are trying to do here. Store and automatically upload via wifi to you computer or whatever. As I said, I have not used one, but have looked at them just out of curiosity. Not too expensive either. No idea if they are available in the UK, but would be surprised if they were not. More info here: