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DRO for my M-head Bridgport Mill.

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  • DRO for my M-head Bridgport Mill.

    I installed an Easson 2 axis DRO on my mill.
    This thread will cover the high points of the installation.

    It arrived well packed without any damage.

    The Head Unit.

    Where the bracket to mount the head unit will mount.

    The mounting bracket almost finished.
    I went through three or four bracket designs before I decided on this one.

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    Part #2

    The head unit mounting foot side of the bracket.

    The bracket hit the axle of the rams tilt mechanism. The hole I drilled was off center a bit so I had to oblong it.

    Head unit mounting arm bracket installed.

    Another view of the arm.


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      Part #3

      Head unit mounted.

      Y-axis scale installed.

      Y-axis works.
      On to the X-axis.


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        Part #4

        I had a bunch of OPP's to do in the last few months that delayed the finishing of this project.
        I was tried of squirting oil on the ways to lube them so I decided to clean the ways of the grease the previous owner had used to lube the ways.
        After cleaning the grease from the ways and all the oil passages I installed the saddle and started installing the X-axis scale.

        Scale mounting hole located and drilled with a 1/8" hole for a pilot hole.

        Drilled to 5mm tap drill size.

        Tapped to 6mm - 1.0.

        Scale installed.


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          Part #5

          The scale shield came next.

          Installing the table.

          Ready to install the lead screw, one of the reasons I pulled the table and saddle off and cleaned the ways was that the adjusters for for the leadscrews would not adjust. It turned out that the notch in the single piece nuts were packed with crud. The X-axis had 0.090" backlash in it. This was a pain in the butt when making parts. After I cleaned it up I and adjusted the nuts I got it down to 0.030" I will in the future order a new set of nuts and leadscrews.


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            Part #6

            The next step was to install the scale again and make something to mount the reader head to the saddle.

            This is the start of the reader head/stop plate mounting block.

            Block laid out.

            Parts mocked up.

            First mounting hole done second ready to drill.


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              Part #7

              Second mounting hole finished.

              Header head plate mounting screw holes drilled but not tapped.

              Parts assembled for final fitting and lay out of reader head mounting slots.

              The stop plate. I cut this down to 1.625 in width. It will hit the column before the shield does to avoid damage to the scale.


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                Part #8

                Tapping the first mounting hole.

                The mounting block installed to locate second hole.

                Both mounting holes drilled and tapped.

                Mounting block, stop plate and reader head mounting plate test fitting, before removing them to install the new felt wipers I bought.
                There were only three short wipers left on the saddle. So I ordered a set of new full width felt wipers.


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                  Part #9

                  Chip/swarf shield installed.

                  Y-axis chip/swarf shield installed.

                  New felt wiper.

                  Felt wiper installed.


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                    Part # 10

                    I now have a functioning DRO.
                    I still have a few little things to finish up. But it now works.
                    I now have to learn all the functions.