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OT: My daughter had a tough Christmas

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    Your poor daughter must indeed be heartbroken. Life is so much more intense for some at that age, the highs higher and the lows lower and naught but time will heal the pain of her loss.
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      She has been raised on a farm all her life so she knows of life and death. This horse was special to her. She is OK now and doing much better.

      Thanks for the nice words from you all.
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        Raising animals and farm life will teach you much more about life than watching TV or playing games on an eye phone. Your daughter is lucky to get the life experiences (even the sad ones) that most children don't get.

        A good friend of mine raises one cow per year for meat and his 4 year old daughter named the cow Sir Loin as she knew what the cow is raised for. His wife is a vet so she gets plenty of experience with animals as well.

        Time heals when you think of the good times you had with the pet...

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          My heart goes out to your daughter, I know from experience how hard it is to loose a favorite horse. To have lost a horse and another pet has to be very hard on you and her. You need to be strong for her sake.

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            It's true that growing up on a farm and having and taking care of animals and pets teaches you things. Recognizing that everything dies sooner or later, and giving you the emotional depth and stability to deal better when you lose a parent or a spouse. Not talking about it (or experiencing it in smaller ways like this) leads to very badly adjusted people.