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Way OT: Any way to keep a dead standing pine tree from rotting?

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    Originally posted by SteveF View Post
    Yes, cut the trunk off at the base, dig up the stump, replace it with a SonoTube full of concrete and put the trunk on top of the concrete footer.

    That's what I was going to suggest.
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      Have a "Tree Service" cut the tree to gound level and then "grind" the base and roots out. Dig the remainder out with a back hoe or a bull-dozer or similar with "ripping" tines.

      Dig out all disturbed earth and bits of tree, fill with good soil in 4>6" layers and compact it with a "vibrating" base (aka "Waker") or roller or a tracked vehicle.

      Get a Geo-Technical soil test and report done to see what is recommended for the new slab etc.


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        You didn't say what part of the country you're in but in the south leaving a dead pine standing or even cut and laying around is a REALLY bad idea. I'm not sure how but dead pines here spread pine borers and they'll kill every nearby pine within a few years. Best advice is to cut it down and burn it or haul it away. Then watch for any sign of pine borers in nearby pines and treat them before borers can get inside of them (spray with Lindane). Once the borers get into a tree it's next to impossible to kill them and they'll eventually kill the tree.


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          What lakeside53 says is good info, based on my experience dealing with lots of bug-kill lodgepole pine here in the frozen north. I have either dropped them leaving a stump about a meter high, for leverage when winching out the rootball, or, alternatively winching the entire tree over. Trees here range 4" to 18" DBH.

          My experience is that around half the dead pine have rotted internally right at ground level and will break there as they are pulled. This rot is not obvious from the outside. So, here at least, I would not rate a dead pine tree as a good candidate for building onto, although my clothes line is connected to one.
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