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  • disapointed in Bosch

    Well its almost time to replace my well used Bosch 3/8" 18 V drill driver. I paid a premium for it, but its served me well so I was looking to replace it with a similar unit from Bosch. Went to the local Menards DIY store as they had a 20% off everything that fits in the bag sale and was planning on buying another Bosch. My current unit was made in Switzerland and has seen lots of use, especially when I was building my shop.

    Well guess what. Just like Milwaukee, DeWalt, and almost all the others the bean counters are chasing the lowest wages and moved manufacturing to Malaysia. Frankly I'm sick & tired of paying $100/$150 for a drill driver that only lasts a year. That's why I switched from Ryobi/Craftsman to Bosch.

    So I'm seriously considering a Metabo 602141520 SB18 LT Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer Drill Driver for $250. I know their grinders are unbeatable. Anyone have any experience with their drill/drivers? Anyone have any other recommendations/suggestions?



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    Thereis a lot of good stuff made in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Bosch has (and always has) two grades of tools - ones for the DIY-er and the other for the "trade" and "industrial" with costs and quality accordingly.


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      I bought my son a metabo quite reasonably mint condition used as new on ebay and it is a beauty so keep your eyes open for a good used as new one for half price or thereabouts. Alistair
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        i use a Makita, it's been absolutely brilliant, took no end of stick building my house and still going strong.



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          I bought a Ridgid 1/2 drill driver from HD when the "lifetime guarantee" was offered. Paid a premium for it for that reason. ($200). But if you ever bought replacement batteries, free replacements seemed a good deal. My drill is currently in for repair and another set of batteries. I think I made a good deal this time. The lifetime guarantee is no longer offered, wonder why? The drill is a beast,435 in lbs torque, but the trigger seems to be a weak spot. Second time in for repair, but four free batteries makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Bob.


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            Lithium ion has pros and cons.
            Pro: It will last 2~5 years reguardless of how its treated, as long as its kept reasonabley charged
            Con: It will last 2~5 years reguardless of how its treated.

            Nicad will last <2 years if not fully discharged once a month.
            Nicad will last 5~20 years if fully discharged once a month and never left in the charger past charged.

            Hence: Lithium is great for 'homeowners', Lithium is crap for 'Homebuilders'
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              Well not to steer you in a different direction, but………

              I recommend that you buy the Ridgid brand from Home Depot. They had a special about a month ago where you buy their 18v lithium ion drill driver, and get the impact driver free as a combo kit. It came with two batteries and a charger along with a carrying case. I think the combo kit is item# R9600. I got the combo kit for $179 but now they cost $199.

              If you cut the bar code off the box, fill out the paperwork, and send in the receipt, you will get a lifetime warranty on everything. That includes batteries.

              I already had their drill driver and two batteries I bought in 2007. I have tested their warranty three times on new batteries and it holds up.

              I recommended the drill to my sister to buy for her husband. She didn’t jump through the hoops as required. When she had a problem, she called about the lifetime warranty. They told her she was SOL. She was her normal self, she bitched and moaned and went up the chain of command and finally bullied them into giving her the lifetime warranty. But I wouldn’t try that if I were you. Guys are rarely that lucky.

              Bob, I bought my combo kit in October and got the lifetime warranty. Read the description section of the link I posted. "Backed with the Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement. Free Batteries. Free Parts. Free Service. For Life."
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                I have the 18volt DeWalt tools and am very satisfied with them. When I bought the first ones, it was a 4 pc. set with a drill, sawzall, circ. saw, light, charger and 2 batteries. Then I added the radio/charger unit. Then the vacuum and probably a couple others if I though about it a little longer. I have 5 good batteries and keep them in rotation so they all get used the same, which works well. A friend who has a ryobi 18 volt kit used my dewalt drill and told me it was a lot more drill than the ryobi.

                I recently bought some used drills to use on the knees of my mills at a real reasonable price. The nice thing is that there are so many tools that all use the same battery pack. The battery packs last a long time on a charge. They are a little heavy but if that is a problem, they also have the lithium ion tools. I have a li-ion drill set and it is quite a bit lighter than it's ni-cad counterpart.

                Also, in ten years of use I have yet to break anything on any of them or burn any of them out. Good luck in your search.


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                  Well I guess I need to contact sales @ CPO Tools tomorrow and find out just what version of Bosch they carry. Maybe I'll stay with them. I've looked at the Ridgid at HD and the warranty is tempting, but I just was not sold on the brand. Just checked and the nearest Ridgid service center is 40 miles away so that's not very convenient especially as there is a Bosch authorized service center here in town.

                  Guess this calls for some more research & cogitation.


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                    I am a rep for Metabo power tools. Metabo has a 1 year warranty out of the box. If you go on line and register the tool you get 2 additional years of warranty for a total of 3 years. Metabo now has the only 4.0 amp hour lithium batteries on the market. The batteries and chargers are covered under the warranty. They will be Replaced if they fail to take a charge, hold a charge or if the charger fails within the warranty period. There is no prorating for the batteries or chargers they will be replaced. Metabo has a patented process in the chargers that balances and charges each cell individualally in the battery, along with a fan that blows air thru the battery as it charges. As I said I am a rep for the company so I am somewhat biased but you will not be dissapointed by Metabo products. Metabo also has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on their products. They are not available thru the big boxes but there are some on line vendors. I would advise you to contact a local distributor in your area so you also get their professional support. As you know from their grinders, Metabo is a high quality tool built for professionals.
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                      I have bosch, metabo and aeg drills. The AEG are by far the best of the three. I have one battery AEG and on hammer drill heavy duty. Both are great tools but not cheap.
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                        I have been buying Bosch tools from the CPO store, both new and rebuilt, for close to 20 years now. Maybe I was just born lucky, but every one of the fifteen or twenty bosch tools I own was made in either Germany or Switzerland, including ones purchased as recently as last year.

                        I dont ever buy any power tools from a big box store.
                        They tend to have cheaper versions made more poorly, even when its a brand name.

                        AEG is great stuff. But they have a very limited line in the USA- currently a grand total of FIVE power tools, none of them a cordless drill.


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                          Originally posted by Dr Stan View Post
                          Well I guess I need to contact sales @ CPO Tools tomorrow and find out just what version of Bosch they carry. Maybe I'll stay with them. I've looked at the Ridgid at HD and the warranty is tempting, but I just was not sold on the brand. Just checked and the nearest Ridgid service center is 40 miles away so that's not very convenient especially as there is a Bosch authorized service center here in town.

                          Guess this calls for some more research & cogitation.
                          With Ridgid, yes you have to carry it to the service center; I don’t think mailing it in is permitted. Once you drop them off, (batteries) and they review your paperwork, they will mail a new one back to you in about 10 days.

                          If not sure about the tool, I recommend you read the reviews.


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                            At this point if I buy a new drill/driver its going to be either stay with Bosch if I can get either German or Swiss made from CPO, or switch to Metabo. Another option is to take my spare Bosch that needs a new chuck & reversing plunger (just the plunger not the actual switch) to the local Bosch authorized facility to see just how much it would cost to have it repaired. One factor is that I have 4 Bosch 18V Bluecore batteries that work just fine. Would not like to just scrap them.


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                              Many of the "big box" DIY stores have crap specially made for them...... and I DO mean crap......

                              I know HD has that, the same *looking* thing from HD vs a "real" dealer will often have totally different inside parts..... And totally different prices as well. The HD item will be much lower price, and will be built that way.

                              menards may do the same, I am not sure that Lowe's does it as much.

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