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Secrets of a Garden Sprayer Pump.

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  • Secrets of a Garden Sprayer Pump.

    I have a one gallon all plastic garden sprayer I keep next to our fire place for safety purposes. After I refilled the container with water I found I was unable to retract the pump handle. I removed the pump body and found a small rubber, plastic, or neoprene cap(.750) covering the end of the pump. If I held the cap away from the pump body the handle would easily pull up. I could hear the vacum released with movement of the cap. I put vegetable oil into the interior of the pump via holes under the cap. I tried to retract the pump handle again with the same result. I consulted google and yahoo but they were not helpful. Does anyone know how to access the interior of the pump housing or have an idea about how to resolve this problem? Thanks Paul

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    We use that type but probably not the same brand to spray fly spray on our horses in the fly season. The pump will a bunch of O-rings and such. The inlet for the air into the pump is blocked probably. You need to completely disassemble the pump and clean every thing.
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      On every sprayer I have used that valve on the bottom is a pump check valve. It lets the air out of the compression stroke. The inlet valve is normally accomplished via the shape of the sealing ring in the pump. If the pump has not been used in a while they can dry out or become brittle. Brittle seals will not flex much and likely the cause of not letting in air when the handle is pulled up.

      See here for a common type.


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        As stated before the neoprene cover on the end of the pump sleeve releases the air inside the container. I think you are saying that the sleeve will not separate from the top where the handle is. The handle is attached to a piston which moves up and down in the sleeve.

        The sleeve should just pull off the piston for cleaning. Perhaps your sleeve is screwed on under at handle under the cap, or just stuck or both. But it will come off for cleaning, and that is what needs to be done. Try soaking it in some hot water.


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          Yes as Ron said you will need a small screw driver to pry two tabs to release
          the handle /plunger, then nine out of ten times when it dont work the fat
          -0- ring fell off the plunger, then I use a hooked coat hanger to get the o ring
          out. Like any -0- ring they like vasoline. I use diesel in these sprayers for
          spraying dump bodies for asphalt. And this is a constant problem with my
          -0- rings falling off cause sprayers dont like diesel or gas.