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Any Experience With a Type STVO Toolholder?

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  • Any Experience With a Type STVO Toolholder?

    I'm looking at a type STVO Indexable tool holder with type TNMC inserts as a general purpose threading tool for use on a manual 13x36 lathe.

    Here's a link to an example:

    The inserts are relatively cheap and the mounting position allows threading pretty close to a shoulder.

    Any comments?


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    I use them and like them. The MTVO holder is better IMO than the STVO because the bottom of the insert is supported. I probably have a dozen different type vertical holders and like them some work better in different situations. I would recommend that you look at the full form lay down type holders before you go down this road.
    Byron Boucher
    Burnet, TX


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      Originally posted by Boucher View Post
      ...The MTVO holder is better IMO than the STVO because the bottom of the insert is supported...
      No direct experience but that would be my only concern. The MTVO style supports the cutter much better. For some reason I've never been a fan of the laydown style of threading tools but it's more a matter of personal preference than any technical disadvantage of the style...
      Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...


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        I agree about the holder style, get one that has support on both sides of the insert.
        My experience with this insert, is that the faster you run the spindle the better off you'll be. Slow speed kills the insert, especially the sharp point. You may want to get diamond hone and put a very small flat on the tip, I chipped several inserts before I figured it out.


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          A. R. Warner has HSS inserts in the -32NV size in both Positive and Negative rake angles. Tool Flow in Houston who originated this concept has Negative and Positive in 5° and 10° rake. This concept lends itself to the many thread profiles found in the oil patch.
          One advantage to the Home Shopper is inserts for hard to grind forms like the Acme are readily available.
          Byron Boucher
          Burnet, TX