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What's the most unusual machine in you shop.? Work or home

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  • What's the most unusual machine in you shop.? Work or home

    The topic says it all. There are types of machinery out there that even experienced machinists and tool makers have never seen or used.
    I'll start out with an oddball. A specialized lathe built in the 1890s, yeah thats right over one hundred years old and we still use it, that cuts the figure 8 oil grooves in bushings.
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.

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    As far as unusual machines go, I have one. It is a specially modified name brand machine. We have one of only two built. It allows us to do a certain process at a speed at least 5 times faster than anyone else. Sorry I can't divulge details as it is Top Secret. We scrapped the other machine as we didn't need it's capabilities anymore. We could have sold it for nice money but didn't want anyone else to know our little secret. The scrapman had to cut up the 20,000lb machine where it sat.
    As far as old machines, we still use almost daily a 200 ton Bliss press built in 1916. Also have a big old Colburn drill press and a large two spindle Barnes drill press that we use for drilling large holes. They may be antiques, but they still drill a mean 3" hole.


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      My ball peen hammer.. it will break, it will bend and it will form metal to my whims. Most unusual. A hand driven tool that can do a variety of functions. Most unusual..


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        aaahhhhmen. that's all tools can do.


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          The most unusual,bizzare tool in my shop? Me!
          Non, je ne regrette rien.


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            I've got a large Sundstrand centering machine that I use for boring. Its much easier than boring on the lathe as the stock is held and the cutting tool spins.
            I also have an armature "growler".

            These are the only 2 strange ones I can remember right now. I'm sure I have some other stuff buried...

            Wait I just remembered, I have an electric motor field cutter machine out in the garage.
            It kind of looks like a huge double jointed chop saw with the arm mounted on a carriage that moves the blade spindle axially in relation to its heavy table where the (large) electric motors are clamped down to cut the coils out.
            I've only used it as a large chop saw, but as its very inconvienient, I haven't used it in years.

            I'm sure I have more, just can't remember...

            Maybe my giant Leland-Gifford twin head direct drive drill press counts?

            BTW I'm not an OF! I just act and sound that way


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              Lets see the shop I currently work in has a paste board box sticher,a punch press that nibbles out profiles,a machine that stakes connecters on Ford wiring harness ends,a 24*120"lathe(built before the civil war),a dc driven air compressor from a B-29,and a complete cryo fueling system from a Atlas rocket.Oh and I almost forgot a wind tunnel manometer control panel,and a model#1 ser.#16 Edison co.dc amp meter complete with mahoghany case!And last but not least a low gain dorsal antenna from a submarine!Plus to many bizzare things to remember
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Oscillating sander is my unusual machine, it comes in handy for a lot of things and now I can never be without one.

                Lets see, my flater maybe another unusual tool. I have a leg vise, a Bed Knife Cutter, a Folley Circular Saw sharpener.

                Maybe a few other things, but my shop in general unusual.

                Oh I know, my rodent control system, Sam.



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                  Carbon evaporator that I am playing with to possibly convert it for coatings to small tools. I have to do something with it, I don't have the electron Microscope anymore!

                  Hakko 470 Static Safe desoldering station. Sort of like a wire feeder in reverse - sucks solder from PC boards.

                  Chip pullers that I made for specific chips (like i80486's) from Aluminum and Stainless. They snap down around the chip and then your fingers pull the rigger towards the plam button and the chip is removed from the mil spec socket without damaging the board or chip.

                  Ball Bearing V-blocks made by Flexbar that ar pretty neat. When they wear out you turn the balls and your are set again. Eventually they need to be replaced - no one likes flat spots on their balls! Once worn you just put four new class 25 or class 10 master balls in each block. No grinding to worry about - unless you drop the base and damage it.

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                    I agree with chief, the most unusual tool in the shop is me. Actually, unusual is a compliment, I've been called other things not as becoming. Uh, let's see- I have a tool specially made to strip the enamel from the end of magnet wire. I have a mill/drill made from fiberglass. A router table that can cut any angle using just one 45 degree vee bit. A - thing- to make round magnet wire flat.
                    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                      Not a tool, but one of the more unusual things in my shop is a copper ring to put in the nose of a bull.

                      Actually, I don't think I have any really unusual tools...what's wrong with me????

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                        God, Would I love to have an electron microscope.

                        One most useful but not unusual tool in the shop is my computer. Does solid modeling, engineering drawings, simulates Digital circuits, creates tool paths for CNC, runs CNC, and allows me to talk to you people. (I Don't play computer games, but it does that too.)

                        Most unusual mechanical tool is my Ferree's dent machine. Takes dents out of large brass musical instrument parts like tuba bells. I've even used it to take dents out of the air cleaner on my buddy's chevy.

                        Most loveable machine is my daughter, she can get her hands into places I can't reach when I drop a nut or bolt into something my hands won't fit into. She's saved me many times.



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                          got a Brown & Sharp spur and bevel gear cutting machine. Cuts spur gears to 16 or 18 inch diameter. Bevel gears? not sure. On the small side, a belt lace cutter... lets you make belt lacing from and for leather machinery belts. Maybe a couple of other oddball items too.


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                            Yeah, I forgot about the ring roller, the motorized 12 gauge beverly shear, the sheet metal roller and edger, The huge air drawbar I bought on ebay, the roll crimper etc. etc. etc.


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                              The most unusual machine in my shop is an old (and I do mean OLD!) benchtop Sunnen pin hone with lots of mandrels.

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