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    Is there anyone out there that has a poc for parts, or someone that rebuild Servo feeds? I have one that the wires inside it are cracking and needs rebuilding?

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    I rebuilt a Servo model 70. The third time it went I had it rebuilt by an outfit in Texas. Here it is:

    It's been running for something like 15 years since. They're a real bitch to take apart and put together.


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      Calmetrics is good,both parts and service-
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        And these guys :


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          Can you give me a guess on price? Under 50, over 2,000,000?? I have two the the magic blue smoke came out of.


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            GIVE ME A PRICE!

            I have worked repairing electronics for over 40 years and I am sorry to say that the one thing I would fear giving in advance is a firm price. For work I did on the side, my policy was to tell a customer that he had two choices:

            1. I would estimate the worst possible case and multiply it by a factor of 5 or more. Only due on completion of successful repair.

            2. Time and materials with absolutely no up-front estimate and no performance guarantee. I would allow them to put a cap before I would proceed any further without consulting, but he still paid that amount even if no progress was made. Of course, they could stop the repairs at any time and pay the bill up to then. Sometimes I advised them that the job just wasn't worth the time. And I was nice: I would cap it at the amount from choice #1.

            Customer's choice but he could not change his mind after the work started. At least not at the original prices. It is not that I am a hard ass: it's just too difficult to know all the problems before starting the job.

            No one ever choose the first choice and no job ever reached that deliberately high price. But it is all but impossible to quote a firm price on electronic repairs, up front unless it is high as the sky. Many repair shops do just this as their only choice. You pay worst case every time.

            If only the wiring is damaged, you may be able to do it yourself. Don't do this if you are unsure of your ability. Do it one wire at a time to be sure to preserve all connections. Be sure to replace the wiring with the same gauge or a slightly larger one. Larger gauge may be specially better for any wires carrying heavy currents and that show heat damage. Stranded wire should be OK for all replacement locations. Since there is evidence of deterioration, probably from heat, I would select a high temperature insulation on the new wire. Teflon is good, but can cost up to ten times as much. There are others that have a higher tolerance to heat, check the specs.

            If you need help with soldering, there are many good tutorials for electronic/electric soldering on the web. There is one here, by yours truly:


            If crimp connections are used, be sure to use the proper crimp tool for the terminals and wire size and be sure that it closes completely on every crimp. I prefer name brand crimp tools from a major manufacturer, like AMP.

            As for other parts, that can be a challenge. If common parts were used then they can be had from many, many sources. If they are proprietary, then you may have to go to the OEM. Or to someone who has some knowledge of possible substitute parts. More information would be needed to advise you here.

            Some sources for generic electronic parts:






            There are many more.

            Another thing, if you do not have a schematic and parts layout diagram, troubleshooting may be more difficult. It could be MUCH more difficult.

            All the usual disclaimers.
            Paul A.

            Make it fit.
            You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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              Originally posted by outlawspeeder View Post
              Can you give me a guess on price? Under 50, over 2,000,000?? I have two the the magic blue smoke came out of.
              Magic smoke can mean a lot with these... I've had two that let the smoke out - one had a bad board (scr and diode died); the other a bad armature. Parts only - Armatures run about $125 each; boards (if you don't repair them your self) about the same. You don't say what model... some of the older units are no longer supported.


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                Pual A
                The quote of the quote, I have used that before.

                I know this, what I was looking for was who gives the better price and a feel for past repairs. Starting with no thoughts of what the repair will cost, "....Under 50, over 2,000,000...".

                Let’s compare this to you asking how much it will cost to code a software program that will track the parts you produce. I can tell you there is a cost to time factor, and good software will cost more but a keyboard smacker can do it in Access really cheap. BUT THE BOTTOM LINE IS YOU STILL HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT THE COST WILL BE! What I am still looking for is a feel of what it will cost. NOT A QUOTE! I would have to ask the person that would repair it for a quote.

                I ask because I can get a knock off for 285, I can buy new at 800. If the rebuild cost is 400 dollars it goes in the trash. If it sounds like I can get a Servo fixed for the cost of a knock off, I’ll get it fixed.

                Again, If someone has had one repaired, what was wrong and what they paid. This may help others as in most cases the Servo Company used wire the cracks inside the unit and shorts out or the Micro switch is worn out.

                Servo 80 or 100. I have two of them and what looks bad is one of the parts on the board. I cannot find the values of the resistor or the capacitor in the other. Also the boards are wax dipped after repair. Due to being around coolant, old and the case is all metal, I would feel better to have someone that has experience fix it. I have already changed the micro switch in the third and that is in use on the mill. I also had to change the wire to the limit switches on the third. After Repairing the one I am using, I am willing to have the other two fixed or replaced, based on what I get here.


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                  Calmetrics will diagnose them for either $25 or $50 each I forget,which counts against the repair charge should you decide to have them fixed.
                  From having been there before if the control board has popped capacitors and toasted resistors the board is fried at a minimum,it could also need a field.Other things maybe wrong as well like the speed pot.

                  The Chinese power feeds are okay,but they aren't Servo which are better at regulating speed IMHO.I would look at it as a 50% option,as in if they can be fixed for %50 the cost of a new one I would go for it.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Post a picture of your 100 board. I have a good board (and other 100 parts) , but there are two types - replacements are usually upgraded to the board for a 150. I could be encouraged to part with it and more


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                      After fixing one, spending three hours putting in a micro switch and new limiting wires, I really don't want to do another at this point…Mostly pride of and not wanting to see my shaking hands. I say this until I get the estimate from the repair shop. Hahaha
                      I thank you for your offer and my come back to your offer. After work I will contact one of the companies as to cost. I ‘ll follow up on here as to cost and how I am dealt with.


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                        I called both today:

                        Asked basic questions... The servo 90 I have is in great shape except for wires cracking and a hot spot on the board. By the way, if you have one in use unplug it and get the wires to the limit switches looked at if they have not been replaced. The insulation falls apart, after all some of these are 20 to 25 years old.

                        I called two sites today:

                        $ 50 to look at recommends if it goes over $200 replace it. Was not given an average ball park for rebuild/repair . The $50 could be used to go to buying from his stock in lieu having it shipped back. Turnaround time is depended on backlog and supplies.

                        $15 to look and recommends if it goes over $250 to replace it. Ballpark was given at 50 to 200 for rebuild. This was given only as a ballpark and is depended on condition. Turnaround time is 3 days as per web site.
                        For both you must pay for shipping to and from.

                        Both warned about UPS breaking the heads off. Recommend insurance and good packing.

                        The last thing I’ll say about these two is to go look at them on Google Earth, Bing maps, pick your mapping site. This should help whenever you start to deal with anyone that you only know from a web site. Look up their address. If the view of the place looks like a hell hole….. or if it looks like an establish business….

                        So I got the warm fuzzy from and will get the first Servo off for the real estimate.

                        A note to anyone using address has change as per the phone call: “3107 New London Ave, Medford NY 11763” and the web site hasn't been updated. :/

                        More to follow.....


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                          Originally posted by outlawspeeder View Post
                          I called both today:

                          A note to anyone using address has change as per the phone call: “3107 New London Ave, Medford NY 11763” and the web site hasn't been updated. :/

                          More to follow.....
                          I have parts coming from Calmetrics as we speak,the "hellhole" look could be due to Hurricane Sandy hitting the place

                          No affiliation with them,just a satisfied customer for the last few years.
                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            I was looking at google earth, the back yard looks like Sandford and sons. Its the only one on the block that is like that. That said, thank you for the feed back, I wisk it was before I sent off the box. I would have gone with a recommend from a member.


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                              Here the update:

                              Going by the UPS tracking the servo got to on Wednesday about noon. Today, Friday morning, I got the call with the estimate. 200 to 225. Said it was in great shape for a Servo 90. Gave a good rundown of what I knew was wrong with it. He told me that he would have it back out in the mail as soon as it is done.

                              More to follow.