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Starting cutting tool inventory.

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  • Starting cutting tool inventory.

    When any of you set up your home shop, what cutters and holders did you start with. If you don't have a shop supply outlet close what would be a reasonable inventory to start with. Ordering as you go adds serious shipping expenses to the total. Thanks all.

    12/36 lathe, Knee mill/drill, small horizontal mill and drill press with bit set.

    Personal gun work, small part fabrication for machinery and such.
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    Phase II quick change post set, AXA (appropriate lathe size) w a half dozen extra basic holders, one or two extra boring bar holders of larger sizes not included in set, an extra MT holder (forget which, one came in set, I bought the other), HSS bits wherever I could find what I thought was a good enough deal, basic set for CCMT inserts about 2 years later, adapter sleeves to go from on taper size to another being sure to cover drill press and lathe (tailstock first), keep looking for a good deal on 4C collets as that is lathe bore taper (or is with adapter). In a very general sense of "cutters", drills with Morse taper to match tailstock as previously I only owned straight shank drills.
    Basic horizontal mill cutters, keeping in mind the size of the mill (mostly in terms of diameter). In terms of mill cutters keep in mind the cost of resharpening if needed, buy bulk and cheap is not a bad plan but suggest knowing local cost to resharp first. Oh, and it pays to buy quality IMO, a Niagara cutter, as example, of the same size is worth a few more bucks than one of more questionable heritage, at least to me.

    There are a couple of suppliers locally but so far I have bought about 85% online. Agreed that shipping adds up, most of the time I end up with a bit of stuff I don' t need or rather don't make a lot of use of BUT that is from EBay purchases where I have to get full value for shipping costs even if it means buying a questionable item or two along the way.
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      Was just commenting to a buddy today about how much stuff I have that I did NOT buy at retail, including tooling (HSS toolbits, etc.) and precision tools. I've bought several toolboxes over the years that had various and sundry items; one had 2 or 3 vernier calipers and 2 or 3 micrometers for something like $25.00 at auction. In fact, I started out with a 1933 Atlas 9" lathe that included 1", 2", and 3" micrometers an Ideal indicator, and a couple of cigar boxes full of various taps, toolbits, etc. Most other stuff was bought "as needed".
      Of course, I've been at it for about 45 years now...


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        Yup, when I need endmills, or lathe HSS bits or the like I look for "lots" of the tools and always end up with a whole array of bits for the price of just a few new ones.

        When I first got my lathe I bought a 5 pound "lot" of HSS bits off ebay. I haven't even come close to the need to buy any HSS since.