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Diamond plates for flatening waterstone question

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  • Diamond plates for flatening waterstone question

    There are a lot of different plates for flattening waterstones for sharpening. DMT has the DiaFlat which are around $200.

    How would one in a home shop accurately check the flatness of a diamond plate? It wouldn't matter if the diamonds are flat in relation to the back, just flat as a single plane.

    Don't exactly want to rub a diamond plate on a granite surface plate either.

    I'm wondering the best way to check the cheap plate I have now.


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    80 grit sandpaper on glass.That is all you need. You could use the surface plate to hold the sandpaper but it is not necessary for a stone to be that flat.I have flattened oil stones this way and I am sure water stones will flatten the same way.If the water stone is deeply dished, then a coarser grit may be needed to get close to flat.


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      A belt sander works good on a dished stone to get it close, then go to the sandpaper.
      I flatten mine on the surface grinder. Put the stone in a screwless vise with a parallel under each end. A few swipes and they're done.


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        Originally posted by RichTes View Post

        How would one in a home shop accurately check the flatness of a diamond plate?


        .....a straight edge.
        " you not think you have enough machines?"


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          Why would you want to have a dead flat water stone , or worry about it?
          I have a dmt bench stone 600? I will rub the water stone a few strokes on the DMT stone when i am finished sharpening , with water they
          wring together , i have never checked either for flatness .


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            It is hard to judge flatness of the diamond stones because the diamonds hold a straight edge up off of the surface. All you can do is look carefully at the gap under the straight edge and gestate. Further complicated by the blasted plastic packaging they come in,when you are trying to select them. Those plates come in a variety of out-of-flatness,too. I wish they'd mill their plates more carefully before diamond plating them.

            I even flattened my Spyderco 8" x 2" white ceramic stone with a diamond stone. Water stones are nothing compared to flattening a ceramic stone. Just flattened mine under a faucet with the diamond stone. You could generate enough slurry to eventually plug up your drain with mud if you keep doing it in a sink,though.
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              As soon as you bear down on the sharpening stone with a blade it is going to be flexing and no longer flat unless you can figure out a way to support it.