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drawing an involute spline

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    Originally posted by macrobee View Post
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    An ancient thread, you resurrect it and post a link to a company on the Indian sub-continent with your personal seal of approval? Current employer or perhaps you have a controlling interest in them?


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      Probably a response bot that found the thread on


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        Admittedly, I got sucked in, not noticing the thread's resurrection until after I hit "reply". Since it is being gawked at in the present I'll go ahead and re-post what I had originally written in the hopes that it might help someone along the way.

        Originally posted by JDF View Post
        I need to come up with a drawing of an involute spline profile for a school project and am having a hard time with the numbers. Machinery's Handbook doesn't seem to go into nearly as much detail about splines as it does gears. Do some of the numbers and formulas for spur gears work for splines as well? The other problem is that the pressure angle is 27.5 deg, which I can find no data for. The splines will be wire EDM cut, and the shop is just waiting on the drawing.
        Thanks in advance!
        I realize that you have the issue remedied and have moved on, so this is offered that maybe it will help in the future. Maybe not. If you are WEDMing your Involutes ( of any type ) and need any manner of higher than hobby or school level accuracy, make sure that the software that drives the WEDM machine can actually handle the task accurately. Seems almost every software I have come across actually approximates and simplifies the complex Splines to the point that higher accuracies are compromised. Many times, if the scale of the part is large enough this can even be seen by the naked eye and looks like the surface is "faceted" instead of smoothly curved/blended. The obviousness disappears as the parts get smaller, but the condition exists just the same and can be seen through microscope, et al. ( Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. ) None of the companies admit this freely and most all deny it, point blank. But it is there and when pressed, one or two will actually admit it and admit that they haven't fixed it. Caveat Emptor. Good luck.


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          Originally Posted by oldtiffie View Post

          For what its worth, try John Stevenson who may be able to generate the entire involute spline on his Gearotic software on his computer.

          He may be able to get the enquirer a copy of the involute spline gear form.
          Originally posted by John Stevenson View Post
          After 11 years ?????????????
          You are quite right John - my apologies - I should have checked for more recent dates of previous posts.