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  • Question On Kwik-Switch?

    With the new mill I am getting I plan on having to change from Drill chuck, end mill holder and maybe even a tapping head frequently, so I have been looking at the different Kwik-Switch type adaptors for R-8 machines. I am getting alittle confused about it all. What seems to be the most accurate and rigid system for the money? They seem to be all around the same price range. Also, I noticed that with the Collis system there are the RS200 & 300 series. What is the advantage to either one? Are the adaptors interchangeable between brands? Thanks for any information.

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    Have you also considered fitting a power drawbar? I don't know how often you'll be changing, but it may be another option.

    All of the gear, no idea...


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      I have never thought of a power drawbar. I guess it would not decrease the accuracy.

      If anyone is using or has used the Kwik-Switch type systems, how much accuracy is lost in the transistion? The reason for my consideration on this is, that I will be changing tools frequently on the same setup. Accuracy can become an issue. Maybe a power drawbar should be considered...Do they work very well? I have not heard the best about them.


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        Regarding the accuracy in transition of Kwik-switch.....I use this system in a 40 taper spindle in a CNC mill. For general use there's no noticeable problem. Using a boring head for very precise hole size I notice they don't repeat with high accuracy. The holes may vary by .0005" or so in diameter between tool changes. I've never done any comparisons on other tool changing systems so don't know if they vary also.

        For an R8 spindle the 200 and especially the larger 300 series may protrude too far out from the spindle bearings to be good. I believe there are smaller systems (less common than Kwik-switch) without the amount of stick-out from the spindle which would be better on an R8. For Bridgeport and some clone machines complete new spindles are available with the Kwik-swith configuration built onto the spindle end rather than just being an adapter. That would be an ideal situation.

        Even on my 40 taper spindle setup the larger Kwik-switch holders have a caution stamped on the body not to take heavy cuts because of rigidity problems. So there's no doubt some loss of rigidity occurs with these systems.

        Yes, Collis RS200 & 300 systems are interchangeable with Universal Kwik-switch.

        Personaly, I don't like power draw bars. Noisy and a Kwik-switch can be faster. But, because the tool holder is not extended out beyond the spindle nose like with the adapter systems you don't lose any of the machine's factory rigidity/accuracy.

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          I have kwik Switch on my Hurco CNC mill and it is a fantastic tool holder system.
          I think (subject to error ?)that the 200 system has the small end of the taper coming in around 20 mmm and the 300 at 30mm and the 400 at 40mm, so you can tell the diffence when you pick one up.
          The 200 was used on 3HP mills and the 300 series on 5 HP mills (IMHO)
          I think a 300 is too big for a BP.
          As mentioned by DR above, using a " Adapter " for the R8 will get you pretty far out..and rigidity may become an issue.
          I DO NOT think it is a problem for drilling and tapping as that is a axial load.
          Milling with heavy loads will produce some error. If you want maximum ridgidity, get a Kwik Switch BP Spindle , then you are integral with the bearings and can mill to your hearts content.
          As far as capacity, the larger toolholders are marked for this. My one inch "200" endmill holder ( remember 1 Inch = 25 mm which is bigger than 20 mm !!!)says "not for heavy cuts"

          Accuracy is also a function of cleanliness. keep chips out of the tapers and repeatability will be excellent.
          Kwik Switch is a Cadillac holder, nothing cheap or bad about them.
          The other newer QC units with NMTB ratings/use are excellent as well, but I do not like the non-taper QC units...they have slop..eventually

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            One of the drawbacks of the 200 kwikswitch is the cost!
            They don't give them away, that is for sure.
            I know where there are a bunch in Florida, if your interested, but email me cause this isn't the place for selling stuff.
            I will give you the guys name and contact, so you can deal with him directly.
            David from jax
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