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  • Yaskawa VFD Questions

    I've been using a Yaskawa V/7 vfd to run my surface and t&c grinders for several years. I just ran into some info on some drives that they offer for precision spindle machines. I've always wondered about harmonic vibration from unbalanced phases. I recently had a post going on the subject. I don't know if any of my grinders have this problem due to a phase imbalance but I'm wondering if I were to switch over to one of these drives if it would eliminate any possibility of vibration due to phase imbalance or if I'm wasting my time and money.
    Any one have any experience with these precision spindle type drives???

    Below is a clip from Yaskawa's web site

    Machine tool spindle drives require one of the most demanding motion solutions. Ripple or velocity errors leave their mark, literally, on the work pieces being machined. Yaskawa Spindle Systems deliver the perfect answer to machine tool builders who require smooth running and rapid, accurate control. Yaskawa provides the high reliability and performance your machine tool applications demand with a complete line of drive and motor products to operate all machine tool spindles.