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Wired and Hosed - 2nd verse.

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  • Wired and Hosed - 2nd verse.

    Well, it has happened again. This week I go in for another cardiac catheterization.

    It all started with a CLOSE encounter with an 18-wheeler that that changed lanes about 10 feet in front me on I-75 on my way home from work. I felt no particular panic, just took my foot off the gas and backed off until I reached my exit.

    When I reached the exit, I felt some mild pain in my chest in front of my heart that got no worse With no radiating pain or numbness in my arm or jaw, but continued for the twenty minutes that it took me to get the rest of the way home. I took an aspirin, as the Nitroglycerin pills I had were outdated and ineffective. The pain went away and I went on with my activities, knowing I had a routine cardiologist appointment in a few days.

    I told the story to the Doc and he immediately scheduled an echocardiogram and a stress test. I accomplished all the tests without mishap.

    I know the nurse that did my stress test this time, and she phoned me with all the details on this test as well as the previous event. In the previous event, my left coronary artery was blocked and some permanent damage was done to a small area at the bottom of my heart. It appears that now my right coronary artery may be blocked as some of the heart muscle in the area shows signs of deficiency. The good news is that they think that the injury is reversible.

    I am somewhat surprised at the suddenness of this, as a stress test a year ago showed no problems. I bear in mind that I had prostate surgery in the interval but ...

    Here is how it went down 5 years ago.
    Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
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    Hi Wes, sorry to hear your'e having problems. You looked hale and hearty "pun intended" the last time I saw you at NAMES? Coming up again next month by the way, hope To see you there .Bob.


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      I had no sysmtoms except I ran out of gas on mild exertion. A flight of stairs was a foot dragging chore. Had a stress test and X-ray with the injection. I wound up with a stent in my heart plumbing. What a difference. I could run up several flights of stairs, no sweat. Stents can be a gamble. Listen to your doc when he explains risks Vs benefits
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        Lousy doctors should of done both sides of your heart the first time! I mean if one side failed, the other side was likey all worn out and needed scraping too.

        Make sure you get the decorative cross hatch pattren, It provides spaces for the oils to go. :P

        Tell them they better look for anything else they can do while they are there as you are sick of going back every other week when something else fails. Full service! Get your legs rotated and your fluids changed.
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          As an aside don't be macho, my cousin's husband helped his son, got home and said that he strained him self and his chest hurt, cousin said lets get it checked out he said no, I'll just rest a while she checked on him about 1 AM he said that he felt good , she checked at 6:30 AM and he was cold. if in doubt get it checked out. Being macho has it's place but not when it involves your ticker. We still miss him.


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            As I,m sure I have told you I,m up to my third heart attack, lost about a third of my ticker as it died and now have 8 stents!, I must admit that the first heart attack was a surprise so I didn't have a clue what I was in for, the second one 2 years later frightened the **** out of me and was brought on by vigorous exercise so don't go believing all the hype about doing everything you used to etc, you can but the risk increases exponentially, the third one I think I resigned myself to goodbye so was quite strangely calm, fortunately for me, that was the result of trying to do too much also.
            The hereditary factor made itself plain to me as i never realised what it was, it was simply the fact that my veins and arteries diameter is at the lower end of the distribution so blocks quicker, it seems everyone's pipe work is furring up but it takes longer for reduced flow to become apparent with a bigger hosepipe!
            The whole thing is scary and I,m glad you got it sorted, I had one fitted first time and ended up having the second on the second go realising that every artery should have been stented now I have one completely closed off hence the 1/3 loss of heart apparently.
            The tablets are a bind but they do help, are you taking bisoperol too?, you'll notice some interesting coloured scars when you cut yourself! All the hundreds of needle marks on my arms make me look like a junkie!
            Don't try to do too much even if you feel great, energy drinks aren't good for you either it seems there's something in there that thickens your blood, avoid trans fats too!
            Live long and prosper
            All the best


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              I'm baaaaack.

              Didn't find anything wrong that they could do anything about. All the major arteries and the previous stent were all well and clear. The doc was pleased that his previous work was holding up well. There were some little vessels at the bottom of the heart that were too small to unclog. These were what was giving me the mild chest pain. I am given to understand that the area could "revascularize", that is, replacement vessels could grow.

              The only instruction the doc gave me was to "lose the belly".
              Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
              ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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                Originally posted by Weston Bye View Post
                The only instruction the doc gave me was to "lose the belly".
                I hate that. Where's the magic pill for belly?


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                  Glad to hear it Weston, I always enjoy your posts.

                  Wouldn't a magic belly pill be nice, I swear when your young eat anything and everything and not gain a pound, a few short decades later and just look at a doughnut.....


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                    I found the Belly pill!! It starts with push backs. You got to take care of that. Take a walk for lunch, not long, just a walk, when that dinner bell rings and you eat, take 3/4 of the food, even7/8 of the food you normally do. Do this or hook you mill up to a tread mill to power it?
                    I hit 283lb and I am just under 6 foot. Started this about 6 months ago. I am down to 255. You didn’t put it on overnight, it wouldn’t come off over night.

                    Again glad to hear you’re going to be around!