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  • Drill Doctor question

    I managed to unscrew the collet/drill holder on my Drill doctor and six little jaws and six little wire clips landed in the dirt.
    Half an hour of hands and knees with my MOST powerful spectacles, I found the pieces and proceeded to put them back together. NOT!
    I can get them into the base,but cannot keep them lined up to put the nose piece on.
    I tried rubber bands,string, even praying to the machinist luck.
    There has to be a trick to it. Any one have this problem?
    WARNING; If yours is intact,don't take it will be sorry!

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    Originally posted by 1-800miner View Post
    WARNING; If yours is intact,don't take it will be sorry!
    I was curious, so I grabbed my "tradesman 500" model and looked closely at the collet. Then I started to unscrew the cap to get a better look.

    'click-snap-click' - Crap.

    Mine was still mostly intact. 3 of the jaws were no longer in their guide grooves. I was able to simply re-seat the vanes in the grooves of the barrel by using a pair of hemostats. It took less than a minute.

    If I were to take it apart, I might try using a stack of 8mm rare earth magnets to hold them in place as it is inserted. Then I'd end up buying a new one.

    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.


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      How about a small dab of grease to hold each in place? BTW, Good luck and you must consider how the company put it together. Wayne


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        Little bitty Chinese women,about three foot tall.

        I am thinking about wedging them into a glob of play-dough,assembling,then wash the goop out.


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          Hold the base with the springs and fingers pointing toward the sky. Place the outer shell over the top and use a probe to guide the fingers into the slots.

          I did the same thing a couple days ago with a collet I picked up at a second hand store. I put it back together in the truck using the ignition key...