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rockwell 21-100 spindle pulley problems. taking apart my spindle pulley.

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  • rockwell 21-100 spindle pulley problems. taking apart my spindle pulley.

    hey all, my first post here. name is Eian. I recently acquired a rockwell 21-100 vertical milling machine from a fellow on craigslist.
    noticed that the spindle pulley had slight bit of play in it. i went to investigate, took the motor, pulley housing and spindle pulley assembly
    off the milling head today, pretty easy to get off. seems like there is no play in spindle bearings, they feel pretty darned good actually.
    seems that there is play in the spindle pulley hub bearings. funny that it seems you have to disassemble the spindle pulley assembly inside
    the pulley housing (ship in a bottle?) cause it wont come out without being disassembled.

    anyhow, seems that the locknut pictured in the first picture needs to come off in order to get the pulley hub to come out. i will include
    a photo of the bottom of the pulley assembly of said locknut, picture of the page from the army manual with the exploded diagram of the
    milling head. curious if anyone can give advice about getting that locknut off. looks like it needs special tools?
    any advice would be much appreciated. thanks for reading folks. see photos below:

    album here if images don't show:

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    Hi Eian,
    I was in similar territory about a year ago so the following link should be helpful.
    Mike Green


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      If you take the depth stop mechanism apart .Parts 50,51,55,54,52,53 when you take the bolt out of part52 the whole quill and spindle will slide out the bottom of the main head housing. The spline nut is used to lock the spindle bearings to gether .And with the quill in hand you can get to it very easy. I think idem 33 is the nut you are after but it holes the bearings in the quill
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        If its the nut I think it is, the popular solution is to make an adapter from an appropriately sized socket. There is more information on the Yahoo Rockwell group.
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