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question about way to slide fit?

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  • question about way to slide fit?

    in this really bad illustration is one scenario preferable to the other?

    consider a lathe bed v-way(black) and the saddle(red)
    the top pic has the saddle with a groove wider that the top flat of the bed v-way
    the bottom pic has the bed v-way flat wider the the saddle groove...
    while the bottom pic would give a little more contact area it would also seem more prone to small dings and such on the top of the bedway affecting it.

    so... which is the better approach? or does it matter?

    am i overthinking?

    edit- the pic is upside down - i don`t know why.


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    The top design would be better when it comes to wear, in the top one, as the saddle and ways wear, the saddle will just sit a little lower, where in the bottom design, as the way and saddle wear, the saddle will "hang up" on the wider flat on top of the way as it leaves a little shouldered groove in the saddle. Don't get me wrong, this will wear in too, just not as nicely as the upper design.


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      Illustrations are fine... illustrate perfectly.

      The top is typical of Southbend.... they wear like that. giving a ridge you can feel with a fingernail, and showing clearly how much wear is on the ways.

      The lower one is like Logan, which never shows the ridge.

      As for the dings etc, there shouldn't BE any! But if there were, you are perfectly correct, they would mess up the fit. And, on a Logan, that can happen, especially if Bubba was the previous owner.

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan