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OT - How can I make a narrated slideshow with a pointer on the screen?

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  • OT - How can I make a narrated slideshow with a pointer on the screen?

    I've got a bunch of jpeg pics that I'd like to assemble into a sort of slide show with audio. What I want to do is bring up the pics one after another and record myself discussing various aspects of the subject in the picture, with a mouse pointer that I use to "point" to various places on the picture as I am talking, then move on to the next picture.

    Is there any free software out there that does not take a post doctoral degree to learn, that I can use to lash something together?

    Thanks !

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    If you decide to go outside of the free realm, I think Microsoft Power Point would probably be a good option


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      Not free but Camtasia will do what you want.
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        Check out Open Office. I use the word processing software at home with absolutely no comparability issues with Microsoft Word. The site is:


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          If a video file is ok (rather then a slideshow), you could use something like Camstudio (ive never used camstudio, but have used other programs like it long ago).

          You would get your slideshow in order using what ever program you like, then fire up camstudio and camstudio will record what ever "is going on", on your computer screen. So you could record your self talking and pointing to your slideshow and save that as a video.

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            The libreoffice "Impress" module lets you do exactly what you want (slideshows with embedded media content for each slide) and is free.