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Austin roadtrip - TORMACH and TechShop

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  • Austin roadtrip - TORMACH and TechShop

    I had some fun today.
    The wife and I drove to Austin to visit Z-BOT LLC, a company that supports and sells TORMACH's.
    We were able to check out and demo the PCNC 1100 and the 770, both with toolchangers.
    Great little CNC's for the money.
    Now I'm chomping at the bit. I want one!
    Thanks Kevin, for the great time.

    Then we drove past AUSTIN SPEED SHOP, the site of the TV show. Doors were open, and the guys were working, so we didn't stop.
    I understand that there's nothing worse that rubber-neckers, and lookie-loos bothering you while you're trying to work.
    Third leg of the trip was to TechShop.
    A friend recommended that I check it out.

    This place (If you haven't heard of it) is like a 'monthly membership' woodworking/machining/tinkering/inventors shop, where anybody can use the machines after taking a 2-hour 'safety' course, and paying for a membership. Holy Smokes!!
    It was directly attached to a LOWE's, which means alot of weekend 'fixer-uppers' walk in.
    The machine shop was super-clean (too clean if you ask me).
    2 JET mills, 2 JET 12x36 lathes, and a TORMACH 1100, all available for 'members' to use willy-nilly.
    When I was leaving, I took one last look at the machine shop area, and saw a young fella chucking up a 3/4 steel bar.
    It was sticking out of the chuck about 14 inches, unsupported by the tailstock.
    He was feverishly trying to get the headstock gears to engage, without much luck.
    I told the 18 year-old female receptionist that, "Somebody should help that guy before he kills himself."
    She looked confused, and didn't understand what I meant.
    That place scared me.
    How can they survive crashes, destroyed machines, accidents, etc. by letting any Tom, Dick, and Harry run their machines?
    Oh well....I guess it's not my concern.
    All-in-all, a fun and interesting day. Had some good BBQ as well.

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    Originally posted by KiddZimaHater View Post
    The wife and I drove to Austin to visit Z-BOT LLC, a company that supports and sells TORMACH's.
    Did you meet Bob? He's a great guy -- a lot of fun to talk to.
    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did."


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      No, unfortunately Bob is in the hospital. I spent a couple of hours with Kevin, his partner. He's a great guy too.