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what shaft for guideways

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  • what shaft for guideways

    Just curious- what type of shaft would be best for linear guides? I'm thinking sliding bushings, not ball bushings. There's a few types that might be suitable- 1045tpg hard chromed seems to be common, there's 1144 induction hardened, there's linear guide rail meant for ball bearings to ride directly on the shaft. Any of these could be used to slide a bushing on. My likely application would have to resist the effects of grinding dust, etc, and the shafts would have to be straight, round, and a uniform diameter from end to end.

    If I look at this from a cost aspect, I'd suspect that the 1045 tgp would be the most affordable. Offhand it seems like linear guide rail would be a closer tolerance product, but at what cost- and is it actually better in terms of straightness, etc.

    I'm not concerned about machineability- part of the choice would be to be able to use the product as is- cut to length being the only operation to do. No drilled and/or tapped holes, etc., and no turning to diameter.

    As a guide rod, I'd expect that it should have some resistance to denting, which probably means induction hardened. For wear resistance, hard chrome plate seems to be a good answer, but is that necessary if it's induction hardened?

    Is 1045 tgp already induction hardened, or can it be supplied either way- chrome plated as well, possibly-

    Last question is availability- what am I most likely going to be able to find in stock somewhere? If it's not commonly used, nobody is going to have it.
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    Check out Thompson. They make ball and solid bushings and the rod. You can get the rod with drilled and counterbored holes if you want. It is very straight and very hard.