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Air pressure and CFM for K.O.Lee air bearing

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  • Air pressure and CFM for K.O.Lee air bearing

    I have recently purchased a used Cuttermaster end mill sharpener. It seems like the air bearing is not original, it looks like K. O. Lee fixture. There is no nameplate on the air bearing.
    I could post a few pictures, but my posting permissions say I am not allowed to do so.

    Do you guys know what are the requirements for the air supply for this air bearing? I do not have a compressor and need this info to select a proper one - not too big and not too small. It will be used almost exclusively for this purpose.

    Thank you for your help.

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    I've not got a KO LEE but have some others that ask for 100psi; they all work the same way. If its in good shape, not worn, airflow is extremely in you can't really feel it exiting around the spindle
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      A pancake compressor would run that. If you get a 2HP 20 gallon compressor you can run a small home shop. Drain the water out of the tank often and put an FRL between the compressor and the air spindle. You want clean dry air for the air spindle.
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        I am actually considering an oil-free pancake compressor from HF. It is 1.5 HP, 6 gal, 150 psi max, 2.5 [email protected] psi. I can get it for $100 plus Tax. My only concern is such compressors are noisy and not very reliable. This is what I learned from product reviews. The 1.5 HP pancake compressor is rated at 90 dBA, while bigger belt driven oil lubricated 2 HP compressor is rated at 82 dBA.
        Any comments?


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          Oilless compressors are a waste of money unless they are a high end one. The cheap ones burn out pretty quick. for just a little more you can get an oil one that is likely to last a lot longer (and quieter too).
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