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What's the deal with Kennedy tool boxes?

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    A long while back (I was driving the Plymouth Horizon so it was at least 15 years ago) I was driving through Ohio on the way home from Oshkosh WI and I saw a sign announcing Van Wert OH, home of Kennedy Tool Boxes. I found the town and the plant and banged on the door and asked about the possibility of getting a tour. The VERY nice foreman of the shipping dock tried to find someone to take me around and when that failed he said, what the heck, and took me around himself. Turned out I had stumbled into the building where the roll-a-ways are made. Giant rolls of sheet steel come in one end of the plant and fully completed roll-a-ways go out the other end.

    First the steel is straigntened as it comes off the rolls, sheared to lengths then folded, punched and assembled. Painting was done mostly by robotic arms but there was a fellow dressed in protective gear laying on the floor spraying into the nooks and corners that the robot arms could not reach. Finally the units were boxed and shipped. This of course is the Readers Digest version of the process.

    They had a small museum which showcased the history of the company and had many examples of long out of manufacture boxes.

    Last October on Manufacturing Day I toured a place in Aubrun MA which has a lot of similar machinery. Photos here:

    Errol Groff
    Errol Groff

    New England Model Engineering Society

    YouTube channel:


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      Hey-------if a customer wants a green suit, turn on a green light.