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please help identifying new machine

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  • please help identifying new machine

    so now i have this:

    i have no idea what it is or what it does. there is copper/bronze swarf on it, so it must have cut something. i dont understand how it may have done so. i am avare, the there are some bits missing, like something goes on the double dovetail and something on the "toolholder" below the small wheel. has that driven some kind of round, abrasive belt on those wheels? but the swarf looks like from cutting.

    if i power it up, it doesnt run, but a contactor clicks in the box, when i move one of the switches.

    so, do i diassemble this and salvage parts or is it worth to try and make it run?

    inerestingly, there are about a dozen separate air lines goin from the box to the machine (big plug visible in the pictures). and the arm with the small pulley gets lifted by the air cylinder, i guess.

    whats especially intriguing, are the two pairs of micrometer type adjustment knobs.

    is this my new tool grinder?
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    Key cutter?


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      Coil winder.



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        Automated wire cutter?


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          My first thought is key cutting machine.
          I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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            Well, there does seem to be a name plate on it, so what name is on that? The switches appear to be labeled, how about a close-up of all the labels?

            I want to know more about the black or green machine behind it that has no registration plate on it.
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              I magnified the front name plate and it looks like Myfor Maybe its a Myford?? Take some pictures of the name plate straight on.


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                Now I don't think it's a key machine. There's no place to put the key to be duplicated, and no place to put the blank. It looks like all the action is behind metal parts, so how would you see or know what's happening anyway-

                As I look again, it appears that the belt drive ends up turning the 'pulley' if that's what it is, in thin air. I had originally assumed that it drove a shaft inside of where the springs are, but it's in front of that. It's a mystery. What looks like a belt guard now seems like just an arm that holds the small pulley in position. It doesn't seem like it drives anything, which leads me to believe that something else gets driven by touching down on the belts between the motor pulley and the idler. It looks like two round section belts should go on it.

                Still could be a key machine, but 'key' parts of it are missing.
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                I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                  Surplus NASA screw head configurator.


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                    so, i made the thing run. it just needed compressed air. now i know what it can do:

                    i can raise and lower the arm with the small pulley.
                    i can swich on the motor and ragulate speed from zero to 3000 rpm.
                    the double dove tail head travels pneumatically to the left
                    the two micrometer type knobs on the left side adjust how far it goes fast and the other one defines how far it goes after that, a knob on the right side of the machine adjusting the speed betwen 10 and 500 mm/min.
                    one of the the micrometer type knobs on the front of the machine seems to move the double dovetail peice up by 0.5 mm. the other one does nothing, maybe its supposed to move it down.
                    there is a knob, that tilts the double dovetail forward by a degree or so.

                    so, very interessting, but what to do with it?

                    i can only guess, there was a contraption, mounting on the holder below the small wheel, holding the work between centers, or an armature by other means and as mentioned the work got spun by the belt running on the pulleys.

                    also the motor moves axially on dove tails. it stops instantly.

                    still not shure what to do with it. i could turn the motor by 90 degrees, but it would travel at 90° to its axis, so no tool grinder.

                    the yellow thing is just a light (doesnt light up), the green one presses dow with no effect.

                    the machine is swiss, of course, made by wyhler in ostermungingen, so ill call them tomorrow, but my experience tells me, i wont get any usefull info.

                    the green machine is an E50 (amg).
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                      Thanks for the better picture. Yep, semiautomatic key duplicator.


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                        so it is a collector lathe. i got the o-ring from the manufacturer as well as a photo of the work holding contraption, which i cant post, because it is a xerox copy.

                        the machine makes three passes automaticaly, the two micometer dials on the front adjust the depth of cut of pass two and tree. it also advances automatically and the location it starts turning is adjusted by the micro dials on the side. the advance when cutting is adjustable as mentioned, as well as turning speed (vfd). the drive arm with the o-ring moves up and down pneumaticaly.

                        so, i still dont know what to do with it. i got it for less than scrap price incl. the vfd with speed motinor. take it apart and find a use for the peices (the base plate is 50 kg, i guess), try and convert it to an od grinder or what? (i should start thinking about opening a museum for all the weird stuff i have collected.)


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                          Originally posted by dian View Post
                          so it is a collector lathe.
                          Hi Dian!

                          I have heard of lathe collectors, but not a collector lathe. Is it a lathe worth collecting?
                          If you don't have a scanner, why not take pic or two of the Xerox copy?


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                            i forgot to mention, that the copy is so bad, you hardly see anything. i also have plans of the fixturing device, but i dont understand them.

                            and collector probably should be commutator in english?
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