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Lifting chucks and vises

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  • Lifting chucks and vises

    With the recent thread on lifting gear onto machines I thought I would post these up as they might give others ideas.

    I made these lifting hooks up for my milling vises not long after I built my crane in the link below and they have worked great.

    The vise ones are made out of a piece of bed angle welded to a piece of flat bar. The angle was drilled and tapped 6mm to match the vise socket head screws spacing. I then machined down some short pieces of thread rod at each end so they had a thread in the middle to screw into the angle, and where plain each end.

    Before drilling the lifting hole, I welded them together with a longer than needed top leg, and mounted them into the vise. I then hung it by a loop of wire from the crane around the flat bar to find balancing point. After marking them at the balancing point I drilled and counter sunk the 25mm holes for the hook to go through.
    The electrical tape is wrapped around them to prevent rust from the flat bar going onto the vise jaws. These have been in use for over 12 months and seem to have worked fine. They used to be painted black with black tape and I would loose them in the shed all the time, so being red and black now they should be easier to spot. LOL

    When they are in use the pins go into the socket head screws of the vise jaws, and the the vise jaws clamp tight on the angle. If the vise jaws happens to loosen the lifting bracket can not slip out because the pins catch on the socket head screws.
    Being able to lift the vises like this makes cleaning underneath them easy before going on the mill.

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    The chuck ones are just made out flat bar welded together and a piece of mild steel bar. I machined a collar on one end of the bar so it cant slip out of the chuck when in use, and taped the other end M16 for a lifting eye. These where balanced up like I did the vise ones..I stamped the ends of each one so I don’t get mixed up which one goes with which chuck.
    After they where made I wrapped them in electrical tape so there is no chance of any rust forming on the flat bar and jumping to the chucks, because I have a rust problem in the shed.

    The lifting eye is for lifting the chucks horizontally to go onto the rotary table. It also allows the rotary table to be lifted when a chuck is mounted on the rotary table.



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      Very nice system Dave!


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        Simple is beautiful! Thanks for posting these, just what I will need once my shop has a crane ...


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          yes, good job!


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            Excelent article and great work. Thank you for passing your ideas along. Like Taydin, they will be incorporated in my shop when I get the overhead mounting installed.

            Have a good day



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              I really like the two-way chuck hooks, great idea.


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                Yes some very nice work. Thanks for posting it.


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                  Hey, those are really nice. Great designs and really well executed. I have been thinking of doing a small overhead lifting thing in my shop to pick up chucks, mill vices and my rotary table. Seeing work like this always seems to make me want to up the bar a bit on my own work.

                  Thanks for posting it.


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                    Thanks for the replies, it makes it worth posting if others can get some ideas from it.

                    I have some storage ideas that I have made, I will post those up soon.