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Images of the Maudslay block-making machinery

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  • Images of the Maudslay block-making machinery

    The Portsmouth Block Mills machinery, as built by Henry Maudslay, on display at London Science Museum:

    (clicking on the images links to a higher-res version)

    Bloggers notes on the mill and machinery:

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    It's in a museum. Surprised they haven't sold it off. That's what museums do now.
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      Be nice if there was a little more explanation between pictures...


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        That early machinery is so elegant looking. Machine designers considered aesthetics as well as functionality.
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          I was privileged to see the remnants of the blockmaking machinery in Portsmouth Dockyard (where my father worked) in the 1960s after most of it had been removed. The circular saw was a clever device which rotated the log as it was cut, giving twice the depth of cut. My late father had (my brother still has) a 1" slice of lignum vitae showing the elegant pattern cut by the saw teeth as the log turned.