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CNC Seminar Day at Cabin Fever Expo

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  • CNC Seminar Day at Cabin Fever Expo

    Ron Ginger posted the following in our Digital Machinist Forum yesterday. I’m copying it here in hopes of reaching more eyes. I’m arriving early for this year’s expo and, with a little luck, I may be able to get things set up in time to sit in on the seminars. That’s the plan at least…

    Friday, April 12 will be CNC seminar day at Cabin Fever Expo. We will be having 3 seminar sessions during the day. These seminars are open to anyone that is registered for Cabin Fever. Registration is $10 and is good for all activities, the seminars, the auction and the show. No advance registration is required. See for more details about the show.

    10:00 "Introduction to CamBam - home shop CAM" by Kirk Benson. Kirk is an experienced user of CamBam for his model engineering projects.

    1:00 "Introduction to Mach4"- by Brian Barker, the chief designer of the new Mach4 software will be giving the first public introduction and demonstration of the all new Mach4 CNC control software. This will include installing, setup, and operation of the software, as well as using the all new screen designer and scripting facility.

    4:00 "Demonstration of the Mill Wizard for Mach4" by Ron Ginger. This session will use the new Mill Wizards for Mach4 to develop the gcode for a part for a model engine. We will be running the part on machines setup in the Show area on Saturday and Sunday.
    Traverse City, MI