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  • another taper attachment Q

    afternoon gang.
    I've gotten it in my head to finally make a taper attachement for the colchester student and have
    been doing some homework.

    I haven't quite laid it out on paper yet, but would like to bounce a question off the group.

    i'd like to make it so that I can go at least 15* either side of zero.
    (my first project will likely be one of those "unicorn" screw style log splitters.. smaller scale & electric ..
    always wanted to give one of those things a spin )

    if I make a classic T.A. to accommodate 30* swing, it appears that it'll get quite large.. i mean
    the stick-out behind the machine.

    are there any other designs / styles that might lend themselves better to larger tapers?

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    It can be done, but you have to consider the length and diameter issue. Remember the cross is moving in the taper cutting operation.
    There is another way, but it is a bit more complicated, and the issues involved with the length and diameter still exist.


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      Check this taper turning device by another board member.