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Another one just bit the dust!

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  • Another one just bit the dust!

    Yes I'm talking about pump style oil cans. My last working one just died. I have a pan full of dead oil cans and now I'm forced into trying to get one to work again. I have purchased a number of cans of different pump styles but in my hands they all come to an eventual end. Anyone have some suggestions on how to repair one? Thanks Paul

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    Simple, figure out whats wrong and fix it -_-;
    On mine, the plunger stoped moving when I pressed down on the lever due to a part sliping and I added some zipties to fix it.
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      You don't state what happened to it, but i guess you don't know that till you take it apart.


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        ...but in my hands they all come to an eventual end
        Same thing happens to me. If it wasn't for friction and wear my stuff would last forever. Dang those laws of physics!

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          Do'nt know if you are in the US, and you have a distributor for them... Reiling oil cans, sold in 3 sizes, available in Europe and the UK, made in Germany. Dual/double pump, work upside down, do'nt leak, will last a lifetime, and WILL NEVER BREAK. Ain't cheap though.


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            I've had pretty good results with THESE....the mechanism has been reliable and seems to prime well even in cold weather, haven't had any problems yet.

            Honestly, you could probably use a standard small spray bottle and modify the nozzle....lots more options there.
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