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Ceramic insert sharpeing????

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  • Ceramic insert sharpeing????

    I bought one of the HF cutter grinders and put on diamond wheels. I use this for sharpeing carbide lathe tools and inserts. (some times sharpeing may only be "touching up"). Can the diamond wheels be used on ceramic inserts? If not how would they be sharpened?

    p.s. the title should say "Ceramic insert sharpening???" Sorry for the typo
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    The diamond wheel is normally used for sharpening brazed carbide type tools. Inserts of carbide and Ceramic are mostly replaced as needed. I have a few ceramic inserts and have not yet needed to replace one.
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      Sometimes I have sharpened those carbide inserts (no new ones in the box), especially when needing a small grooving tool that I don't have

      But ceramic inserts...well, you can use diamond on them, but most ceramics I've seen just 'explode' when it goes bad, leaving just about nothing to sharpen. And some ceramic inserts have the ceramic bit only in the very tip and the rest is just some metal or similar.
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        If they can't be used on ceramic, Nothing can.

        Diamond wins over everything except steel.
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          Diamond does win over everything inc steel.And can I also ask do these ceramic inserts work with wood. Alistair?
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            Originally posted by Alistair Hosie View Post
            Diamond does win over everything inc steel.And can I also ask do these ceramic inserts work with wood. Alistair?
            Thanks for the replys.
            These are the triangle inserts for 1/2" lathe bits. As mentioned above"they do last along time" I bought them on ebay to try them... AWSOME I got them to use on stainless and they, dollar for dollar, are way cheaper than carbide to use.
            I believe that they would work great for wood. Like a router bit for example. Now, as mentioned above, the entire insert appears to be made of the same material not just the corner. So I hope it is and there is enough meat there to resharpen it. But this would be an issue if you were regrinding it for something like a router bit...


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              I resharpen my ceramic knives with a diamond hone. That works fine. One thing to watch carefully is heat build up. Even hand sharpening can build up enough localized heat to chip the edge.