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  • Paint for Mitutoyo

    The measuring tools thread reminded me to ask this. I bought a Mitutoyo combination square set at the worlds longest yard sale a few years ago. The only thing wrong with it was that someone had taken a file to the back of the protractor unit and cut it down so that the binding screws no longer have a smooth surface to clamp on.

    I'm going to chuck the inner part with the bubble and face it flat again, and if necessary make a steel washer to build it back up so the screws will clamp it. The file cut into the body at the bulge where the clamp for the blade goes through, and made ugly gouges there. I think I can build that up with auto body filler and blend it in, but it will need paint.

    Does anyone know what sort of paint would be a reasonable match for the original. Thanks.

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    Is it color your looking to match or durability of the finish????



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      Hi JoeLee;

      It would be nice to match both, but I suppose i'd have to settle for color. I suspect the original finish is a baked on enamel and would be difficult to match for durability.

      Maybe if I could find some sort of coloring agent to blend into a bit of JB Weld that might work.


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        The original finishes are a baked enamel, very durable and scratch resistant. It's going to be hard to get that king of durability from any kind of paint. If it were me...... and I like to restore things to there original condition or better when I can, I would look for a local ceramics shop and see what they have to offer for a glazing enemel finish. They have a wide range of colors. I guess you could bake it but I wouldn't advise baking at the temperatures used to fire ceramics in a kiln. Or my second choice would be a black gel coat. Gel coats come in a multitude of colors now a days. It's like liquid fiberglass resin, very durable and should be a close reproduction of the original finish. Any auto body or marine supply store should be able to hook you up..



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          Thanks Joe;

          The gel coat does sound interesting, I'll do some checking on it.


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            Rio Grande jewelry supply sells a product called Acrylin. It is painted on then heated to 350 for about 20 minutes. I don't know if the color selection would be there for you, and I'm not sure of the durability, though its for jewelry so one assumes it will take a certain amount of wear and tear... might be worth talking to them ...



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              Thanks rollin45;

              I don't know if the level vial would survive heating to 340 or not. If I broke it, it would probably be a fiddly job to get a replacement installed and aligned.

              Edit. The Humbrol enamels look interesting, think I'll visit a couple of hobby and art supply stores. I only need a couple of brush-loads for a 1/4 inch brush.
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