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    Already know the Super 11 is a good lathe .. I just kind of want an opinion on THIS
    super 11.

    Doesnt it look like somebody white washed it ?

    Still might be a fair deal ... these lathes always go high.

    Thinking of putting a offer on it.

    John Titor, when are you.

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    Looks like maybe someone used rustoleum machinery grey semi gloss enamel on it. If in good shape paint the whole thing the same color when you get it home. Frank


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      is that a jack on the gearbox for your guitar?


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        I see three different coats of paint on it and possibly a missing cover for the end gears. They are good machines, but like any other good machine, subject to wear and abuse. The Emco's have quite a few proprietary bits and pieces to make them operable, particularly on the electrical side.

        I would not purchase myself unless I had an opportunity to inspect it in person and put it through its paces. There is nothing that cannot be fixed, but it is better to know of problems before the purchase rather than after.
        Jim H.


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          I suspect part of the problem with the paint is somebody tried cleaning the machine with acetone or some other similiar type of solvent and that caused the paint to haze.
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            I like Super 11's and look at all listed .. but I passed on that one for a friend. It looks very suspect and hand painted with crappy paint, maybe three times OVER the factory baked enamel? You can "just see" some specks of the orginal machine green near the the cross side handwheel. There was another listed last week for $3200 or so - looked pristine and sold quickly.

            Look carefully at the rear spindle end - looks like it's broken on the outer edge. Maybe that's why the gear cover is missing? For some reason it's even missing the QC gearbox selector labels (no big deal, but....)

            Parts are very expensive (if available) and almost impossible to find used.

            If you can't see it and run it, pass.... or offer $500 and part it out.
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              Since the seller won't ship and local pick-up is the only delivery option, just go over and take a look at the item if you are interested in it. Then you can make an informed offer on the the item.

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                Thanks guys ..

                Pretty much a reflection of my thoughts. Its about an hour away .. may make a road trip.
                John Titor, when are you.