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Refitting small vials on Starrett No 98 12"

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  • Refitting small vials on Starrett No 98 12"

    I have an E-Bay acquired 12" No 98 which has all three vials unbroken and apparently original. Unfortunately, this item has been sitting in the bottom of someone's drawer. All of the vials are very, very difficult to read because the card behind them is dirty.
    I can find instructions on how to refurbish the large vial, but how do I get to two other vials out? They appear to be covered with caps. Before I start doing something stupid, I thought I would ask here if anyone has any ideas?

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    Doing something stupid is half the fun.
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      If you want to farm it out look up A1 Level Repair...either Minnesota or Wisconsin.
      He reset three vials for forty dollars. Great guy.