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O.T. Gravity hurts.

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  • O.T. Gravity hurts.

    I know - I know - couldn't have happened to a nicer guy right?

    went riding on this extremely technical trail yesterday because we had temps into the 70's and thought id pick up where I left off last fall - fall being the key word,and picking up too I guess,

    coulda been worse - coulda added new meaning to the phrase "spring break"

    I left so much hair and skin on this one rock out there it kinda looks like a chia pet now...


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    Stay in the's safer there


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      Is the watch OK?
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        Originally posted by 1-800miner View Post
        Stay in the's safer there
        Lol, but there's so much fun to be had elsewhere!

        I bet you scared that rock pretty good, it will probably get out of the way next time...


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          I posted this to several engineers at work who had, in quick succession, experienced the unyielding firmness of the Earth.

          Gravity, It's not just a good suggestion - It's The Law!
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            Originally posted by Evan View Post
            Is the watch OK?

            Yup, Its a timex, appreciate your concern though

            Schoolie - I bent my thumb on the other hand way back and it had me worried for a bit - I was sitting on the ground feeling a little queazy for a bit, I still got some kinda winter bug and don't feel all that great so hopefully that's a big part of it, last night I just went into a fetal tuck and tried not to get any juice on the bedsheets... even though i went back and re-ran the drop that rock is going to shake me up for a bit... rocks don't care, their ruthless...


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              Ouch! That is going to be a real hindrance as it heals. Did you apologize to the rock? Rocks have rights too you know!
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                Oouch! I have to admit I'm getting too old for that stuff. I'm finding it takes a whole lot longer to heal up now that I'm not 25 anymore.

                even though i went back and re-ran the drop that rock is going to shake me up for a bit...
                You know as well as I do, you lost your edge over the winter. Once your confidence level has been reestablished with a bit of seat time you'll be fine.

                I've always heard of the old saying about using it or losing it.
                I just didn't realize it meant skin.
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                  There are three basic rules one should never forget.
                  The ground never misses, rocks always win fights with skin, and you should never shave fast with a dull razor.


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                    Falls don't hurt, it's that sudden stop that terminates the fall that hurts. Ask me how I know, took a dive off a 20' high crane rail a few decades ago. Sorry buddy but that is going to hurt for a while. Peter
                    The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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                      Did you fall off a mountain bike or a motorcycle? Either way, as always, the rock won.
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                        Yes, for sure it's that sudden stop, not the fall. I would guess we all have experienced those sudden stops in life, I know I have.
                        It's only ink and paper


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                          Clumsy bastard...

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                            Originally posted by John Stevenson View Post
                            Clumsy bastard...
                            'bout time.


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                              That's just a little surface wound.

                              Here's my momento from France a few years ago -

                              Bit Gravel Rash by mc_mtb, on Flickr
                              Using your shoulder as a brake from high speed on a dirt road is not recommendable.

                              Was back riding the nex day, and done the Megavalanche the following weekend