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  • DRO reviews and advise needed

    Do any of you guys own the 'Cheapy' Digital Readouts like the one shown below?

    I need to install a single-axis DRO onto my lathe bed.
    I'm tired of using dial indicators and micrometer stops to hit my depths and steps, etc in the Z axis.
    Can some owners give me a review or advise?
    Do they last, break, or are they junk?
    I've seen them on Ebay and Grizzly pretty cheap. Thanks

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    I think your going to find that you had better luck with your dial indicators, micrometer stops and depth steps if you put those cheapie read outs on your lathe. Your scrap will also start to grow.

    If you do put it on your machine and find the results unsatisfactory you can always remove it and use it for a curtain rod.

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      I too was looking for an alternative for the $1500 + DRO's. I recently installed a system from Shooting Star. While I have not used it very much so far I've been pleased.


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        Check out DRO Pros. I really like the one I got with magnetic scales. It was a bit over $1000, but they have cheaper models with glass scales. Very easy to deal with on the phone too.


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          Depends what you want it for DIY or a bit more than rare use.

          Had similar on a mill, all three scales didnt last 4 months
          The supplied brackets are junk, use them you will get errors i have proven this fact against a proper dro fixed rigid to same axis.
          They need to be kept clean and sheltered from swarf, no coolant or liquids.
          The cable will flex every time its moved and the internal wires will break where you p clamp it down to reduce the snagging and pick up of swarf.